Pirelli Scorpion Trail II Tire Review

The holy grail for adventure riders is a tire that offers long lasting wear, as well as great grip on and off the road.  And while there’s no such tire that truly meets all three criteria and probably never will be (that is until someone develops a tire that can morph from road tire into a … Read more

Understanding How Motorcycle Exhausts Work

One of the most popular modifications owners do to their motorcycles is to change the stock exhaust. But does installing a slip-on actually improve performance? What do you need to do after installing a full replacement exhaust? What should you be aware of before taking your modified exhaust onto the streets? Let’s take an exhaustive … Read more

Bell RS-1 Helmet Review

The Bell RS-1 motorcycle helmet sits between their top of the range Bell Star series of helmets and the more budget orientated Vortex. But the RS-1 loses very little in comparison the Star while saving buyers a lot of money. It’s also one of the best helmets we’ve ever used when it comes to its … Read more

How To Pick Up A Dropped Motorcycle

how to lift up a fallen motorcycle

Ever had to pick your motorcycle up? If you haven’t yet you no doubt will at some stage. Not necessarily from a crash but perhaps because someone pushed your pride and joy over in the parking lot, or you didn’t quite put the kickstand down correctly when getting off. It’s a strugle to lift up smaller … Read more

ShiftFX Electronic Shift Transmission Turns Your Manual Bike into a Semi-Auto

Tired of having to use your clutch like a poor person but don’t want to buy a Honda VFR or Africa Twin? A company called Biperformance Development Corporation (BDC) has just unveiled an aftermarket kit called the ShiftFX Electronic Shift Transmission (EST) that allows you to convert just about any motorcycle to a semi-auto and the ability … Read more

No More Superbikes for KTM – CEO Says They’re Too Dangerous For Public Roads

There’s a headline you won’t enjoy reading, especially if you’re a fan of KTM and their underrated 1190 RC8. KTM CEO and President Stefan Pierer has stated in no uncertain terms that he believes as a producer of sportsbikes, KTM has a serious responsibility to their customers regarding safety and that therefore means saving you from yourself. That … Read more

Introducing Our Ninja 300 Project Track Bike

TheRideAdvice.com is going racing… eventually. Today we kick off our first project bike using the ever popular Kawasaki Ninja 300. Our ultimate goal is to convert our baby Ninja from its damaged (written-off by insurance) state that it is currently in and enter it into a national competition which is open only to the Ninja … Read more