The Dance Of The Highside

Highsides. They’re violent, they’re unexpected and they’re spectacular to witness but they’re not something any rider wants to ever experience firsthand. So what causes a motorcycle highside? Can you do anything prevent them? And is there anything you can do to stop a motorcycle highside if you feel it happening? We’ll get a little bit technical … Read more

Get Your Street Bike Ready for a Track Day

Given that you own a piece of machinery that makes sportscars look slow and cumbersome, it makes sense to want to push your bike closer to its limits in what is a far safer environment than public roads. But before you head off on your first track day with your street legal motorcycle, ensure you follow … Read more

How to Avoid Mid-Corner Hazards

Riding in the mountains or other roads with both flowing corners and tight bends is always enjoyable on a motorcycle, but it’s often in these locations where roads are less well maintained or even contain blind spots where dangers and hazards can sometimes only be spotted at the last minute. Let’s take a look at … Read more

How to Stay Safe on Long Rides

Sometimes there’s just somewhere you want to go on your bike, even it is a long way away. And with adventure bikes and sports tourers becoming more and more popular there’s never better time to ride in comfort and relative luxury. However, riding long distances isn’t without its risks and in fact, fatigue is one … Read more

How to Replace Your Motorcycle Chain

No doubt at one stage in the life of owning a motorcycle you’ll need to either replace the chain, or at the very least install a new master link. While it may sound a bit overwhelming, replacing your chain and riveting in the new link isn’t very difficult and as long as you continue to clean … Read more