2015 MV Agusta Stradale 800 Review

The holy grail for many motorcycle riders is to have a bike with both performance and practicality, something that can put a smile across even the most jaded of faces while remaining comfortable. Enter the MV Agusta Stradale 800, a first for the Italian company who up until now has produced only either dedicated sportsbikes … Read more

Big or Small? What Makes an Ideal Adventure Bike?

The adventure bike market is huge and probably the biggest growing segment in the motorcycle industry today. While adventure riding has been around for decades, it has recently undergone a renaissance of sorts thanks to a certain television series featuring the BMW R 1200 GS. Now, every company wants in on the action. That’s because … Read more

SWM RS 650 R Review

The RS 650 R is the first bike under the Speedy Working Motors (SWM) name to come out in over 30 years. It enters an incredibly competitive off-road market and while the 600 cc dualsport isn’t going to break any records or transform the category as we know it, it’s an extremely solid and competent … Read more

How to Handle Decreasing Radius Corners

Nothing gets a rider’s heart jumping into their mouth and their eyes opening out like saucers, then finding themselves in a decreasing radius corner going too fast. It can set off instincts like nothing else on a bike, with riders chopping the throttle and standing the bike up, causing more trouble than it fixes. A decreasing … Read more

How to Clutchless Upshift

Clutchless upshifting is one of the easier techniques you can employ on a motorcycle to enable smoother bike control and faster acceleration. If done correctly (and after a small amount of practice, you will), clutchless upshifting will not damage the gearbox – some even argue it reduces wear and tear. To understand why clutchless shifting … Read more