2015 Yamaha YZF R1M – Special Edition R1 Price, Specifications

One of the rumors floating around the blogosphere prior to today was that there would be two versions of the new Yamaha R1 – a street legal version and a track only model (like Kawasaki has done with the Ninja H2 and H2R). Those rumors turned out to be half right – there are two versions but they’re both street legal. Meet the 2015 Yamaha YZF R1M. The M signifying it’s close relationship to the Yamaha M1- the MotoGP bike ridden by Rossi and Lorenzo.

So usually with a special edition, it consists of some special decals, maybe different wheels and the satisfaction that you paid a couple of extra grand for the privilege. Well, the Yamaha R1M is certainly much more than that – it’s pretty much the most technologically sophisticated bike you’ll be able to buy come February next year.

Here’s a summary of what is has over and above the standard Yamaha R1:

  • Öhlins Electronic Racing Suspension (ERS). The Suspension Control Unit receives data from the Inertial Measurement Unit, which communicates vehicle speed, attitude, lean angle, acceleration and brake pressure, then adjusts the front and rear compression as well as rebound damping for optimum suspension performance. The system comes with two modes. “Automatic” mode continuously adjusts rebound and compression damping as you ride providing ideal damping force for the track or the street and can be fine tuned to the riders needs. The “manual” mode allows riders to fine tune to the settings they choose then holds these settings while riding.
  • Carbon fiber bodywork (upper fairing, side fairings, and front fender).
  • A Communication Control Unit (CCU) with GPS that enables the rider to capture ride data (including GPS tracking) and then download it via WiFi to the Yamaha Y-TRAC smartphone and tablet app. Once the data is downloaded, the rider can analyze it overlaid with the track map. Setting changes can then be made via the Yamaha “YRC” app, and upload those changes back to the R1M.
  • The onboard system is comprised of the CCU and GPS antenna, running data can be recorded via a data logger, with course mapping and automatic lap timing managed by GPS. This data can then be wirelessly downloaded to the Android or Apple iOS app where it can be analyzed and even make setting changes to later upload to the R1M. This Yamaha exclusive Y-TRAC system gives an all new connection to the machine that has never been seen outside of the factory race pits further blurring that line between production superbike and MotoGP bike.
  • Additional R1M features include a clear-coated aluminum fuel tank, a highly polished aluminum swingarm, gold-colored front radial-mount calipers, special finished gold inner tubes on the 43mm Öhlins front forks, and a unique R1M badge on the airbox cover.

Horsepower between the R1 and R1M will be the same, and despite the use of carbon fiber, the R1M weighs 4lb more – most likely due to the electronic suspension components.

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