ZecOO Electric Bike, An Anime Inspired Motorcycle

While electric motorcycles are certainly becoming more common and are in many areas already rivaling, if not exceeding their combustion engine powered counterparts, for the price they’re still something most riders won’t consider. The ZecOO from Japan probably pushes that envelope even further given its price of around ¥8,880,000 (around $74,000) – but for that you’ll get one of if not the most unique looking motorcycle available to buy.

At its heart lies the same engine as used in the Zero SR motorcycle. Otherwise however, the ZecOO is all Japanese, most notably its appearance. Looking like something from a Japanese anime in the not too distant future crossed with a Xenomorph, the ZecOO might look like a sportsbike in appearance but has a seating position more akin to a cruiser.

That cruiser style seating also appears to carry over to handling. With a wheelbase of 1,860 mm, this machine isn’t designed with corners primarily in mind. It also weighs a massive 280 kg, nearly 100 kg more than the standard Zero SR. Interestingly however, the ZecOO uses a hub-center steering unit which Znug Design, who are the makers of the bike say is designed to accommodate the battery’s weight, maintaining steer ability without changes in riding posture.

Given its weight, one wouldn’t expect eye peeling acceleration, but with the Zero SR engine, it will still have great power on tap with 144 Nm of torque available from the get go. Range is claimed to be 160 km and if you were to ride in the streets of Tokyo would be plenty of juice.

The ZecOO will have a worldwide limited production run of only 49 and each motorcycle will be handmade and assembled by highly-skilled craftsmen for each customer. Many of the parts are machined from solid aluminum alloy block, and it is made with meticulous attention to detail, even to the individual screws.

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