Yamaha PED2 and PES2 A Step Closer to Sale?

Yamaha has registered the design for their electric motorcycle concepts shown at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show – the sportsbike PES2 and the off-road focused PED2 – with the European Union Trademark regulator. While no guarantee of the either bike actually coming to market, it is a sign that Yamaha is continuing to work towards an electric motorcycle in the hopefully near future.

The PED2 concept carries on from the PED1 from 2013, but looks a little more production ready than previous. Even with a heavy battery, Yamaha claims the PED2 well weigh less than 100 kg. The sports bike oriented PES2 is an extra level of unique as it has an additional electric motor built into the hub of the front wheel to make it a 2WD motorcycle. Both models are equivalent in performance to mopeds and small motorcycles (less than 125cc in capacity).

Other features of the two concepts is the use of augmented reality technology via cameras and senors on the bikes which are connected to a ‘smart helmet’. The PED2 also offers the ability to switch between automatic and manual gear changing modes. Yamaha has been registering patents related to electric motorcycle drive trains for many years now, but like Kawasaki who have done much the same, no actual electric bike has yet made it to production.


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