Yamaha FZ-09 ECU Flash Now Available – Jerky Throttle Begone!

An official Yamaha FZ-09 ECU flash is now available. The Yamaha FZ-09 (known as the MT-09 in some markets) was a breath of fresh air in the motorcycle industry for 2014. Not only did it feature a brand new and brilliant 850cc triple, but it was widely regarded as fun, playful and fast. It was also extremely good value, perhaps the best value bike going at the moment at only $7,990. But it wasn’t perfect and in fact many potential buyers actually decided against purchase due to some awful fueling issues at speeds of around 18 to 37 mph in first or second gear. That fueling issue translated into a jerky application of power from the bike, not something you want when the Yamaha FZ-09’s front suspension wasn’t exactly great either.

An aftermarket ECU flash has been available for a while now from various sources, but that’s an additional cash outlay for something that should work out the box. Thankfully, Yamaha has announced that an official ECU flash is now available for free at your local Yamaha dealer. The announcement is as follows:

Beginning with the 2015 model year, the YCC-T program (mapping) in the ECU has been modified to better compensate for throttle sensitivity and component production tolerances. This revised ECU can also be used to reprogram 2014 units exhibiting this condition without altering emissions compliance.

We’ve contacted dealership in both the United States and Australia who have confirmed the new mappings for the Yamaha FZ-09 ECU flash are now available. So for those who had previously considered the Yamaha FZ-09, perhaps now is time for another look.

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