Yamaha Australia Look to Introduce R3 Race Series

The Yamaha R3 came late to the entry level sportsbike party, but upon its arrival placed itself at the head of the pack. And now in Australia at least, Yamaha are trying to reinforce its credentials with a new one make race series featuring the R3. It looks set to follow a similar formula that KTM uses in the UK and USA where it sells race ready bikes at discounted prices.

The race ready bike is set to be sold for around $7,500 AUD. That will include race glass, rearsets, full race exhaust system, lowered clip-ons and upgraded forks and rear shock. Given that the Yamaha R3 retails for $6,999 in standard form, that’s incredible value – around $3,600 of freebies according to Yamaha.

The series is aimed at younger riders and those looking to get into racing that are hoping to do so in a cost effective manner. And while the $7,500 price tag is extremely tempting, riders will need to commit to race at most of the rounds for the season.

One make race series aren’t anything new, but they’ve had a bit of a resurgence lately with the competition in the learner market. While the KTM RC390 is the go to bike in the US and UK, the Ninja 300 has had a one model series in Australia and Canada – however in those series, riders provide their own bike and modify it to be race ready.

Given that Yamaha seems quite serious about becoming the premier Japanese motorcycle brand, we may see a similar series take off in other western markets, too. For those interested in competing in the proposed Australian series, contact Yamaha directly at yrd@bigpond.com.

Race kitted R3

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