WSBK Look At Entry Level Small Capacity Race Class

In more exciting news for entry level machines, Dorna Sports, the company and governing body behind both MotoGP and the World Superbike Championship has announced the formation of working group to examine a new entry level class for the sport. In a statement from Dorna, it was said that:

The Superbike Commission approved assembly of a working group comprising of any interested machine manufacturers to develop a class structure for an entry level category. The category would be based on the burgeoning Supersport 300 class machinery and would aim to include varied capacities and engine configurations, with the aim to provide a low cost platform to develop new talent.

That burgeoning Supersport category no doubt relates to the Nina 300 and the soon to be released Yamaha R3. Given that statement is rather vague and uses the phrase “varied capacities and engine configurations’, it’s likely that the new KTM RC390 would also be a possibility.

Based on the specifications of the three machines, that would create some parity issues which will no doubt be part of the working group’s focus.  Regardless of what machines may or may not be included in a possible future series, it is fantastic news for young riders around the world where their country’s respective racing associations adopt the WSBK rules and regulations.

It would also be a huge boost for racing in Asia and the subcontinent where smaller capacity bikes are sold in far greater numbers than in the western world. Thailand, Malaysia, India and Indonesia all have a burgeoning sportsbike culture, but due to rules, regulations and pricing, large capacity bikes are either sold in minuscule numbers or not at all.

Should such a series eventuate, young riders would have an achievable international goal to aim for. Here’s hoping it happens and soon. The full regulations for the 2015 year will be available at the FIM website soon.

WSBK Look At Entry Level Small Capacity Race Class

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