Why We Ride – Documentary Review

Why We Ride is a new release, independent documentary that stays true to its title – its purely a movie by motorcyclists, for motorcyclists.

If you’ve seen the trailer (below) for the movie, then you’ve already got a good indication of how this documentary pans out. It’s effectively a variety of people talking (some famous names, some relatives of famous motorcycle personalities) about their passion for riding. The feeling of freedom, camaraderie, adrenalin, even love.

Linking these passions together are some interesting historical recounts, including the early days of the industry and the sport in the United States which I thoroughly enjoyed as my main interest in the sport is more European and Japanese centric.

From an enjoyment point of view, I feel however that the documentary really never hits the mark.

I guess my main criticism of Why We Ride is that I feel its preaching to the converted. I cannot see any non motorcyclist sitting through more than a few minutes of this documentary and even if they did, to me there’s nothing compelling to draw them to the sport. Why We Ride just feels like a 90 minute circle jerk of famous and not-so-famous riders effectively slapping themselves on the back as to how cool it is that they can ride.

Undeniably, Why We Ride is beautifully shot, and its an absolute credit to the film makers that they managed to achieve so much on what would be a very limited budget. Hollywood take note. The musical score accompanies the visuals well, though at time feels a little too dramatic for the subject matter.
And that’s OK I suppose. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of self-indulgence every now and then. But perhaps this documentary was a lost opportunity to sell motorcycle riders to the great unconverted, rather than an introspective advertisement for itself.

6 out of 10

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