What is Yamaha’s Big Secret Being Revealed on 1 September?

The guys and girls at Yamaha don’t seem to be taking a rest at the moment, with the tuning fork brand releasing new motorcycle after new motorcycle over the past few years. And come September 1 they’re set to release another major new product – but unfortunately for motorcycle aficionados, this release may have twice the usual amount of wheels.

Come next month, it looks like Yamaha will be releasing a new high performance UTV/ATV. Polaris Industries has heavily invested in this segment and with great success – though the Polaris RZR range hasn’t got the best reputation for reliability at this point in time. Regardless, sales of the RZR range have been a big money maker and Yamaha wants a piece of the pie.

So what interest is this to motorcycle riders? Well, from the videos shown so far of the machine, it appears to use an inline three cylinder engine. Could it be the motor from the FZ-09/MT-09? It may, but the problem with using this engine is that Yamaha would then have to design an automatic transmission to go alongside it as is general preference for these machines.

Thus, it would make much more sense for Yamaha to use an existing engine and transmission combo that wouldn’t require further development. Because of that, Yamaha will probably be using a three cylinder engine that has been employed in its snowmobile range for quite some time. It’s currently used in its flagship SRViper R-TX sport snowmobile which also has a continuously variable transmission.


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