Volvo Life Paint – Reflective Spray Paint For Clothes & Motorcycles

Car manufacturer Volvo, well known for its huge contribution to motor vehicle safety has launched a new campaign in the United Kingdom aimed at in increasing the visibility and safety of cyclists on the road that would work just as well for motorcycle riders. It involves a specially designed paint that can be sprayed on either clothing or on the bike itself that reflects light.

While being marketed as a Volvo innovation, the product is already available to the public and is manufactured by Albedo. The spray comes in two varieties – one for spraying on textiles like jackets, jeans and backpacks and another permanent spray for metals and plastic (for applying to wheels and helmets).

Volve Life Paint Albedo 100

According to Albedo, the reflective paint when illuminated increases visibility to over 500 feet, up from 200 feet from just wearing lighter clothes (and 80 feet from wearing dark clothes – common in leather gear). The paint is completely transparent in ordinary daylight and is only visible when illuminated by light – reflecting it back in the direction of the light source.

There’s been a pretty big reaction to this product from Volvo’s campaign, so much so that much of the product is sold out on Albedo’s webstore. We’ll be attempting to get our hands on the product in the near future to test it out.

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  • David Marchetti

    here can you buy it

  • Beryl Ostting

    So basically that Life Paint website harvests your email address but they never contact you. I found one place in Europe selling a similar product but that’s only for permament spray on, like bikes or signs. Does anybody know where I can get washable paint?