Vertigo Ursus is an Trials Slash Scooter, Maybe?

There were many new bikes shown of at EICMA in Milan last month, but perhaps none was stranger than the Vertigo Ursus – a combination of trials, dual sport and scooter. Yes, that’s definitely a new category in the motorcycle world and it’s a welcome change from all the cafe racers and scramblers that have been coming out.

The Vertigo Ursus uses a canted-forward four stroke engine, trellis steel frame, single sided swing arm and definitely most unexpectedly, an automatic gearbox. There’s even two sets of footpegs – feet-forward pegs that one would find on some scooters and ones that are set back for heading onto the dirt.

They might be seriously looking at putting into production as they’ve just filed a number of design trademarks with the European Trade Mark and Design Commission. Vertigo is a very new company and has the backing of Manel Jane – a man who loves trials bikes but made a small fortune as one of the world’s largest producers of child car seats and prams.

Their first bikes to go into production are trials machines and feature some decent tech for the category, including the first electric starter on a trials bike. If it does go into production, Vertigo plans to make it in several flavors, including capacities of 150, 350, 450 and 600c, an electric/petrol hybrid version and even offer it with two wheel drive. Oh, and it weighs only 118kg (with what engine configuration we’re not sure, however).


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