UK | Pricing for 2015 Announced by Aprilia

It’s a little bit late but Aprilia has confirmed it’s pricing and model lineup for 2015 including pricing for the updated Tuono supernaked and the RSV4 superbike. Strangely, Aprilia has seen fit not to import the base model RSV4, leaving interested buyers with only the RSV4 RF (formerly the RSV4 R Factory) to choose from, which now costs £17,999.00, up around £1,000 from the previous model. When we asked Aprilia about their decision, they stated that only about 15 per cent of RSV4 purchases were of the standard edition and therefore they didn’t feel there was any benefit in continuing to import the cheaper model. Given the price rise of the higher spec bike, perhaps that wasn’t such a prudent idea.

The updated Tuono for 2015 which gets a major face lift will come in both the standard and upper spec models, £13,134 and £14,634 respectively. The only other real change to the 2015 lineup is the addition of the Caponard Rally which gets crash bars, redesigned spoked wheels LED auxiliary lights and hard panniers all as standard and will retail for  £14,134. Full price list below.




Tuono V4 1100 Factory


Tuono V4 1100 RR


Caponord 1200 Rally


Caponord 1200 Travel Pack


Dorsoduro 750 ABS

£ 7,999.00

Shiver 750 ABS

£ 6,999.00

RS4 125

£ 4,499.00

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