TT3D – Closer to the Edge

Perhaps the easiest way to state if this documentary is good is to ask whether or not it would appeal to biker and non-bikers alike? Well, the answer is a resounding, yes.

From the first few seconds of onboard footage around the Isle of Man circuit to the final race of the weekend, TT3D: Closer to the Edge is an incredible documentary that will make its 104 minutes runtime go all too quickly.

TT3D Closer to the Edge

It follows a number of riders for the 2010 event, though the colourful Guy Martin, with his thick Lincolnshire accent is the main focus of this doco. His somewhat eccentric personality and candid talk adds an additional dimension to the film which already features spectacular footage and real, raw emotion.

Motorcycle enthusiasts will watch in awe as the front wheels wobble at 180mph over crests and riders get within centimetres of cobblestone walls. Non enthusiasts will probably be in awe too, albeit from a different perspective.

TT3D – Closer to the Edge (and the standard 2D version which I viewed) is a brilliant documentary, one that is immensely re-watchable and really shows the thrill we all get from motorcycle riding. Its release was completely overshadowed by Senna which was released within a month of Closer to the Edge, so if you were unaware of its existence, now’s the time to see it.


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