Triumph Faces up to $2.9m in Penalties for Improperly Reporting Safety Issues in U.S.

Triumph Motorcycles is facing a hefty bill of at least $1.9 million after failing to report safety issues to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that they were aware of for more than a year. The manufacturer also failed to submit documents to the NHTSA surrounding injury claims and progress reports on repairs to recalled motorcycles.

The $1.9 million penalty is made up of a $1.4 million fine and $500,000 that is required to be spent on improving safety practices a the company. A further $1 million in penalties is hanging over the company’s head should further transgressions be discovered.

The penalties stem from a safety issue discovered that could reduce the steering capability of up to 1,300 motorcycles which the NHTSA found had the potential to cause injury or death.

In response to NHTSA’s investigation, Triumph acknowledged deficiencies in the manner in which it collected and reported early warning data to NHTSA and several instances where Triumph was late in providing quarterly reports on safety recalls. In addition, the company failed to respond by the required deadline to a NHTSA Special Order issued as part of the investigation

As part of the decision, Triumph is required to hire an independent consultant to assist with improving the company’s safety practices, hire a dedicated employee with oversight of all safety issues and direct access to the board of directors and submit plans for improved practices and employee training for the NHTSA’s approval.

That $1.9 million fine isn’t small change for Triumph either – the company posted an £8 million loss for the previous financial year which followed on from a larger loss the previous year of £12.8 million.

Source: NHTSA

Triumph Faces up to $2.9m in Penalties for Improperly Reporting Safety Issues in U.S.

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  • Bozeat

    It is now a standard business ploy of the ‘Yanks’ to shaft foreign brand-manufacturers that have better products or offer better services in the ‘states than their home-grown companies. The ‘Yanks’ shafting of French Bank BNP Paribas for several BILLION dollars, and the mega-hit on BP oil company are examples of how the ‘Yanks’ seek to actively deter, penalise and restrict competition from ‘foreigners’ in their home market. Triumph joins the list……