The Total Motorcycling Manual Book Review

Have you ever wanted to buy a gift for someone who is about to start riding a bike, but not sure what to get?  Some sort of motorcycle clothing is probably what they need most, but buying something of decent quality is hardly cheap.  But what about a book?  If you’re looking to get a book for someone who is brand new to riding, then perhaps the Total Motorcycling Manual is what you’ve been looking for.  And you might even enjoy it yourself.

The book is broken up into three sections – gear, riding and repair, with the riding section taking up about half the pages.  Each part of the book contains brief nuggets of wisdom that many may find useful, though often it just seems to be there to pad the pages. Examples of such as advice on how to hide your new bike from your spouse or riding your bike on a suspended tightrope.

However, there are some great quirky little tips too that even many long time riders may not know of, such as how to make your bike backfire, rider hand signals and cooking a meal on your exhaust.

The section on repairs doesn’t go into near enough detail to be regarded as a guide, but it does give you a basic idea and understanding of many routine items of maintenance. Similarly, you’re not going to learn too many advanced skills from the riding section but it may give you something to aim for before reading something more detailed, like A Twist of the Wrist.

Overall, if you’re a veteran or even an intermediate rider you’re not really going to gain much with this book, but it is perhaps the best book available for a novice rider or even someone you’re trying to win over as a new riding convert.



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