The Suter MMX 500 is an all new 576cc V4 2-Stroke

It may be the year 2015 but that hasn’t stopped Swiss company Suter Racing Technology from producing a machine that harks back to the glory days of 500cc GP racing.  Called the Suter MMX 500, the 576cc V4 engine produces 195 horsepower yet weighs only 127 kg. Yes, that’s a power to weight ratio of 1.53 bhp per kilogram.

Suter Racing claims that the MMX 500 is the first ever V4 500cc two-stroke factory bike for the public. It’s actually been a long and arduous journey for the machine – it was first supposed to be sold as a Paton back in 2009 but that fell through. A few years later Suter tried to sell it under their own name as the SRT 500, but now it actually has finally made it to market. Since then it’s undergone further refinement and work to what it is today.

It’s been worth the wait. The frame is a CNC machined aluminium twin spar design with completely adjustable steering, wheelbase and ride height and the swingarm is also a fully adjustable aluminium member. Front and back features Öhlins suspension – both adjustable for pre-load, compression & rebound damping. The fairing is completely carbon fibre and for extra weight saving you can even get the wheels in magnesium.

But as impressive as that is, the real star of the show is the engine. The two stroke V4 features a double counter rotating crankshaft, 56 x 58.5 bore/stroke with redline of 13,000 rpm. All this is mated to a six speed cassette gearbox. Suter state the top speed is somewhere in excess of 310 kp/h…

Currently, only 99 of these machines are expected to be built which isn’t surprising given the asking price is 120,000 Swiss Francs (around $123,000 USD). But given this is nothing short of a state of the art two-stroke GP bike, it’s actually pretty good value.

Source: Suter Racing Technology

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