“The Brooklyn Project” S1000R is for Those That Think Their S1000 too Underpowered

Calling BMW’s brilliant S1000R sluggish isn’t the way many people would describe it. Nevertheless for some, you can never have enough horsepower. The guys at Purebreed Cycles have given the BMW S1000R a bit of a makeover and will be producing 40 of these bespoke machines for a cool $US 39,500 each and they’ll be known by the rather awkward name of  “The Brooklyn Project”

Owner of Purebreed Cycles, Guillaume Brochu states that thanks to modifications, the bike now puts down 175 horsepower at the rear wheel – up from 160 as standard. But more impressively, the bike’s weight is now only 380 pounds – a saving of around 70 pounds thanks to replacing standard items such as the seat frame, fenders, wheels and the tank with carbon fibre units.

Visually, there’s big changes to the front end and the bars, as well as the exhaust system, seat and rear lights. It all comes together to be one steroid infused cafe racer inspired motorcycle.

“We believe that The Brooklyn Project offers riders the best of both worlds,” says Brochu, “Owners benefit from the advanced performance technology and reliable modern engineering of the S1000R, which is far and away the best motorcycle on the road, but we also saw its potential as the basis of the ultimate café racer by incorporating classic café racer styling elements.”

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  • Paul M. Fenn

    I’ll have mine with knobs, please.