Yamaha Yard Built Dealer Contest Returns for 2016

Yamaha’s Yard Built series has shown off the talents of custom builders from all over Europe and elsewhere around the world and now after a successful competition last year, Yamaha is again opening the series up to its dealers to make the most amazing custom built bikes from its Sport Heritage Range

The competition actually pits both customisers and dealers against each other.and sees builds including the VMAX, XV950, SR400 and even the brand new XSR700. Yamaha Motor Europe is awarding special prizes to the best custom build in the following three engine categories; single-cylinder and parallel-twin, V-twin and V-four and finally inline-four.

There are some amazing bikes on display, including the German built Corniche d’Or, and the ‘sixtynine’ from Austrian dealer WS-Motorradtechnik OG. We’re actually quite suprised at how good most of the XSR700’s came out which will hopefully inspire some new entrants into customising with what is a comparatively affordable motorcycle.

You can find the Dealer Built entries online at www.yamaha-yardbuilt.com Take a moment to check out the entries in all their glory and read up on the modifications made then like to vote and share your favourites. Voting closes on the 31st March and the winning bikes will be shown at European Custom Motorcycle event later in the year.

Best of all, Yamaha will be opening up the competition to the public later in the year so start wrenching.

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2016 Yamaha XSR900 is Modern Retro Fun

As expected, Yamaha has officially unveiled their brand new XSR900, an MT-09/FZ-09 based retro styled street bike that pays homage to the XSR650 of yesteryear. Looking very similar to the just released XSR700, it doesn’t reinvent the wheel but should appeal to a lot of people out there wanting something that looks classical yet has a modern motor underneath.

The XSR900 keeps plastics down to a minimum, with the 14 litre fuel tank being what draws your eyes at first. There’s also the gorgeous looking split level sitched seat which is accompanied by front and rear aluminium fenders, aluminium side covers and aluminium headlight stay. Again, we would have liked Yamaha to try and hide the radiator a bit better, but given the price the XSR900 is likely to go for, these sacrifices have to be made for value.

The 850cc inline triple remains unchanged from the MT-09 and also includes three traction control modes, assist and slipper clutch and of course, ABS brakes. Unfortunately, it looks like the front end suspension has carried straight over from the MT-09, which means this is a bike that still has a chassis that’s not quite up to speed with the engine.

The TCS is fully adjustable with three performance modes depending on the road conditions. Riders can opt for minimal or maximal intervention and can also switch the system off completely when appropriate to do so. Expect there to be a vast sum of aftermarket accessories available too as part of Yamaha’s Yard Built campaign. The XSR900 has been confirmed for release in the US, Australia and Europe.


Is Yamaha Going to Release an XSR900?

Yamaha’s MT-07 retro based bike, the XSR700 is only just hitting showrooms in Europe but it Yamaha seems so sure of its success that a MT-09 based retro bike is also in the works. Carrying on from the ‘Faster Sons’ theme that saw Japanese custom builder Shinya Kimura create his precursor to the XSR700, Yamaha is this time teaming up with Roland Sands Design.

The video shows a bike with flat tracker influences but like Shinya Kimura’s effort, the final release will probably be a lot tamer for the broader market. Let’s hope in addition to a shiny retro look, Yamaha finally upgrade the front suspension to better accompany the brilliant engine housed in the MT-09. Full press release below:

Yamaha’s Sport Heritage evolution keeps moving ahead of the pack through 2015 and is about to arrive now at an exciting new chapter. Leading the market by offering easy to customize factory motorcycles takes constant innovation and collaboration with the brightest in the industry and beyond.

First came the question, what role can we take to offer more diversity and innovation? The answer was ‘Faster Sons’, a natural evolution of our Sport Heritage bike building philosophy. ‘Faster Sons’ tips its hat in respect to the bikes that came before, whilst also showing pride in the faster sons of today and tomorrow, because above all, we love to ride.

‘Faster Sons’ became a reality through a unique collaboration this year with master builder Shinya Kimura. Together we made our mantra real with the stunning ‘Faster Son’, a real world concept machine that perfectly blended everything great about our motorcycle heritage combined with the latest technology we have to offer.

As the ‘Faster Sons’ story grows and gathers speed we now reach the next level. Taking inspiration again from our unrivalled heritage, we went looking for more speed, more power and more fun. We found what we needed in our racing history books, combined it with our latest technology and found a new collaborator to write a new chapter with.

Get ready because on Monday 16th November at 21:00hrs CET Yamaha’s Faster Son will get faster…




Yamaha’s new My Garage App Lets you Customise the Upcoming XSR700

Yamaha has been heavily promoting its customisation options of late, especially with its fantastic Yard Built series of custom bikes. Now they’re giving you the ability to create your dream bike with the My Garage App which has been released today for Android and IOS. Sorry Windows Phone users, you’ll just have to be content with your phone starring in the latest Mission Impossible movie.

The app allows you to choose a model from Yamaha’s Sport Heritage range, add options and also:

  • Compare prices for different models and configurations.
  • Take photos from any angle to share with friends and fellow riders for feedback/advice.
  • Fill your personal garage with your dream bikes.
  • Send your specs directly to your Yamaha dealer.

The app also gives us a chance to see the full range of options that will be coming out for the MT-07 based XSR700. For even more evidence that Yamaha is aiming to take on the Ducati Scrambler, there’s a range of very hipster inspired soft panniers and tank bags available, as well as scrambleresque seats, high slung exhausts and fork gaitors.

Source: Yamaha Europe