The Shoei X-Spirit III Gives you Wings

Shoei has updated its top of the line track focused helmet, the Shoe X-Spirit III and as can clearly be seen from the images below, aerodynamics is the name of the game. It seems making helmets more slippery and stable at high speeds is the next focus for helmet companies competing in the premium space for riders wanting the best of the best when venturing to the race track.

There’s now a massive rear spoiler on the back of the lid which can actually be removed and replaced with a thinner one for slower tracks. The standard spoiler is designed to improve aerodynamic performance for speeds in excess of 300 km/h (186 mph), hence it’s unlikely you’ll see much in the way of benefit on the street (or even at many tracks for that matter…).

Also changed from the previous version is that Shoei’s AIM+ six layer shell has been employed for better safety and the interior is now fully modular, allowing you to remove and/or re-position the pads for an optimum fit. Ventilation is also claimed to have improved.

So, if you’re the type of rider that needs the best of the best, prepare to fork out £549.99 for the the plain coloured version and  and £649.99 for one with graphics. That’s the equivalent of at least half a dozen track days, but hey, it’s Marc Marquez’s helmet of choice so you’ll probably get at least a few tenths lap time improvement from it.