There’s a VMAX Hiding Inside the CS_07 Gasoline

Portuguese duo, Alexandre Santos and Osvaldo Coutinho have set out to give the VMAX an entirely new image and the result is the CS_07 Gasoline – yet another killer entry in Yamaha’s Yard Built Series. Under their roCkS!bikes moniker, the pair have been creating bikes since 2013 and this would have to be one of their best yet.

The CS_07 ‘Gasoline’ rides on custom made spoke wheels, 3.5×18 front with 120/70×18 Dunlop rubber and a 6.0×18 rear for the drag strip tyre. The stock tacho is kept but comes in a custom aluminium housing and the standard fuel tank is replaced with a beautiful custom aluminium unit with it roCkS!bikes motif. A metal hand crafted fairing ensures slippery aerodynamics for the ¼ mile and LSL footpeg adapters and clip-ons put the rider in the correct position. A Rizoma fuel cap and K&N air filter add some extra bling and Brembo brake and clutch master cylinders take it to the next level.

A host of Motogadget parts including handlebar grips, an m-switch and m-blaze turn signals ensure the custom work really stands out, and the handmade leather seat with it roCkS!bikes logo sets the standard. The build was completed at the end of 2015, the last of the year to celebrate 30 years of the VMAX. To mark the milestone a classic paint job was used to finish the bike. Taken from the 70s, the white, black and yellow colour scheme is pure icon, celebrating not just 30 years of the VMAX, but also 60 years of Yamaha! The bike was airbrushed and then gloss varnished in house by the builders.



News Round-Up: FELINE One Concept, Shark Skwal LED Helmet now Available, VMAX Infrared

FELINE One Concept

Design studio Yakouba has announced that instead of designing bikes for other brands like they usually do, they’re going to release their own motorcycle, called the Feline One. Interesting name, do go on…

Feline Motorcycles describe it as a “high-tech deluxe motorcycle, delivering a new vision of the motorbike. Its unique look creates an immediate impact with its unusual sensual panther style”. Their actual words, not mine.

It’s powered by a 801cc triple (given Yakouba’s previous dealings with MV Agusta we’re assuming it’s their engine), has a claimed dry weight of 155kg and pumps out 170bhp. Yakouba further describe the machine as being sharpened and expressing a fascination for speed and freedom of movement. Also, it’s unique and remarkable features make it a great candidate for Hollywood movie productions – something most motorcycles just don’t offer.

So, how much for the Feline One? Well, initially only 50 of them will be built and will be priced at around $280,000. Bargain! We forecast the FELINE One will be a runaway success and will probably feature at some stage in a Michael Bay film, like all quality things do. Alternatively, if you’re really after some ‘sensual panther’ action, get some Sex Panther cologne and save a bit of money.


Shark Skwal LED Helmet now Available

French helmet manufacturer Shark likes to mix things up. They’ve begun to use bamboo in the interior of some of their helmets and now they’ve released the Shark Skwal LED helmet – the first (we think) motorcycle helmet to feature integrated LED lights for better safety.

In addition to the battery powered LEDs (which can be turned on or off with the touch of a button), the Skwal also features an inbuilt sun visor plus a pinlock system to reduce fogging of the visor.

Available in a range of colors and designs, the Shark Skwal LED replaces the long running (and very successful) Shark S900 and is priced from £189.99.

Shark Skwal LED Motorcycle Helmet


Yamaha VMAX Infrared

Yamaha has announced another 30th anniversary special edition of the VMAX, this time in collaboration with German custom builder JvB-moto. To be called the Infrared,

The Cologne based custom builder is a long-time fan of the VMAX, and credits the machine as one of the sparks that ignited his passion in motorcycles at the age of 15 in 1985. Despite not being available in Germany at the time due, the VMAX has inspired JvB-moto’s Jens vom Brauck to this day, where he has finally had the opportunity to pour that passion into this stunning creation.

JvB-moto’s vision for the VMAX Yard Built special was to transfer the stock VMAX into a radical dragster meets café racer concept, exaggerating the power for all to see. A second key element in the design is a tribute to the 30-year history of the machine, encapsulating elements from the first roll out of the bike in 1985.

Starting at the front end, a custom-made aluminium mudguard sits below a JvB-moto signature style custom carbon fibre headlight unit integrated into the front forks and Motogadget indicators above custom carbon wheel covers. Modified aftermarket clip-on bars add the café racer element and the rider looks down on an authentic American dragster rev counter by Autometer.

A custom carbon tank cover sits over a heavily modified airbox and electrics and is complemented by special air intake scoops crafted from stock aluminium units taken from the original 80’s VMAX.

It’s an absolutely fantastic looking machine and one that many would argue is how the VMAX should actually have looked in the first place. Let’s hope that Yamaha catch on and offer it for sale.


News Round-Up – Indian Chief Dark Horse Pictures, Yamaha VMAX Carbon Announced, Speed and Strength Release 2015 Range

Pictures of new Indian Chief Dark Horse Leaked

As previously reported, Indian Motorcycles is about to release a cosmetically new model this week, the Indian Chief Dark Horse. Photos have leaked ahead of its official debut, though there’s not any real surprises as to its appearance (it was going to be all black, after all).

The Dark Horse is a variant of the Chief Classic and is visually much the same save for the all matt black paint scheme plus a new single seat. Other features on the Dark Horse will include standard ABS and a keyless ignition system. Those in Chicago have the opportunity to see the bike in the metal this Friday.


Yamaha VMAX Carbon Released

Keeping with the black theme, Yamaha has announced a special 30th anniversary edition of the venerable VMAX dragster with carbon fiber fairings and an Akrapovic slip-on muffler.

Retaining the same 1,679cc 200PS V4 engine as the standard VMAX, the special 30th anniversary edition features a carbon fiber tank cover, front and rear fenders and side covers. As with the base model, the VMAX Carbon also has an aluminium diamond-type twin spar frame, dual 320mm front discs with radial 6-pot calipers, large diameter 298mm rear disc and shaft drive.

Currently the VMAX Carbon has only been announced for Europe with pricing starting at £18,749.00.


Speed and Strength Unveil 2015 Range

Budget brand Speed and Strength has released their 2015 range, which you can view here in an annoying online catalog form. Speed and Strength have always marketed themselves more towards squiddy type riders, albeit ones who like to have some protection while doing stunts on their bike.

And although their gear is definitely cheaper than the likes of Alpinestars and Dainese, a quick glance at reviews on Revzilla indicate that most people are generally happy with what they pay for.

Speed and Strength 2015 Range