BMW and TVS Partnership to Expand Beyond 500cc Bikes

Just last week, the first product of the BMW Motorrad and TVS partnership beared fruit in the form of the BMW 310 R. When the agreement came into place it was believed that they would be focusing on working together on motorcycles with capacities less than 500cc. Now however a new report from Bloomberg in India indicates that the two will begin to collaborate on bigger motorcycles as well.

Don’t worry BMW fans we won’t be seeing TVS manufactured S 1000 RR’s anytime soon. The expansion of the cooperation only bumps things up to 600cc bikes featuring twin cylinder engines. These bikes will be marketed around the five to six Indian Lakh range (around $7,500 to $9,000 USD).

Like the BMW 310 R, these bikes will be designed predominantly in Germany while being produced byTVS factories in India. They’ll be badged as TVS machines locally while exported as BMW’s to western markets. There will also be modifications to both equipment levels and styling for the respective markets.

Expect to see the first instance of this expanded collaboration around 2017.

Source: Bloomberg TV

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TVS Confirms The ‘K03’ BMW Naked Will Be Released This Year

Motorcycle manufacturer TVS published a press release earlier this week in relation to its sales for April. But of more interest is official confirmation from them that the first of many motorcycles that TVS is developing in conjunction with BMW Motorrad will be released this year. That bike is currently code-named the K03 and will see BMW Motorrad be the first of the ‘premium’ motorcycle manufacturers to dip their feet into the low capacity market.

The agreement between BMW and TVS began in 2013 and was entered into to help BMW develop smaller capacity machines for the western market and TVS to make larger capacity machines for their markets. It is expected that the partnership will result in number of motorcycles up to 500cc in capacity.

The K03 will be a single cylinder, 300cc water cooled machine and that styling will be based on the TVS Draken which was shown at last years’ Delhi Auto Expo. As is the way in recent times, it’s expected that BMW and TVS will also release a fully faired sportsbike and GS inspired ‘adventure’ version of the K03 as well.

All bikes in the collaboration will be manufactured by TVS and sold as TVS machines in their local markets, but as BMW Motorrad bikes in western markets. Excpect the official unveiling to take place at the Intermot show later this year.

TVS Confirms The K03 BMW Sportsbike Will Be Released This Year

300 cc BMW ‘K03’ Spotted Testing in Germany

British motorcycle tabloid MCN has gotten hold of some photos of the motorcycle that will spearhead BMW Motorrad’s big push into the small displacement market. Code named K03, the motorcycle is being developed as a partnership between BMW and Indian motorcycle company, TVS. The agreement between BMW and TVS began in 2013 and was entered into to help BMW develop smaller capacity machines for the western market and TVS to make larger capacity machines for their markets.

The agreement set out plans for the two firms to develop machines in the sub 500 cc class, so its no surprise that the first machine they jointly collaborate on will be one for the increasingly heated circa 300 cc market.

Based on the photos, it’s a single cylinder water cooled engine – just like the Honda CBR300R. Forks at the front are inverted and look like the same forks from the TVS Draken (a concept bike shown at the Indian Auto Show last year) and straightforward shock absorber at the rear – nothing unexpected for what will need to be a keenly priced bike in India. While it can’t be seen in the pictures, ABS for any bikes sold by BMW will obviously be standard but perhaps not for TVS sold machines.

Given however that BMW has strong intentions to sell these entry level machines in western markets, we wouldn’t be surprised to see some enhancements in certain areas of the bike like suspension before it goes on sale here though.

MCN also suggests that in addition to the naked bike caught in the pictures here, BMW will also release sportsbike and GS style adventure bike on the same platform.g shipped from Europe to Bangalore for testing in India. It’s expected the first of these motorcycles will be officially unveiled at Intermot later this year.