Triumph Reveals Updated 2016 Tiger Sport

This year appears to be the year of hitting the refresh button for Triumph, with a host of updated and refreshed machines being released. The latest bike to make its way out of the factory with new bits and bobs is the 2016 Triumph Tiger Sport. Featuring the latest version of the 1,050 cc triple as used in the just released 2016 Speed Triple, the new Tiger Sport also gets a bunch of other upgrades to keep it in step with the competition.

That means it receives a ride-by-wire throttle, a variety of engine modes, slipper clutch, traction control with various levels as well as creature comforts like cruise control. Ergonomics wise, the new Tiger Sport also reportedly receives restyled footpegs, an adjustable (and tinted) screen, handguards and heated grips as standard. Ride modes include rain, road and sport.

Other than those details and the pictures here, that’s all we can tell you at the moment. No word on what optional extras there will be or even what the full list of standard equipment is either. Specifications, including horsepower and weight are also at this stage. For those in the UK, it will be shown at the London Motorcycle show starting 12 February.

Full press release below.

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The NEW Triumph Tiger Sport

The NEW 2016 Triumph Tiger Sport is designed to excel at every aspect of your motorcycling personality – from commuting to scratching to touring and more. Taking versatility to a new level, the NEW Tiger Sport features a host of developments including the next generation 1050cc triple engine, a suite of rider-focused technology and enhanced comfort and capability. Designed to tackle every journey, from a trip to the office to a lap of your favourite Sunday afternoon ride, the NEW Tiger Sport isn’t just an everyday motorcycle – it’s a motorcycle you will want to ride every day.

Superior drive and control
The latest evolution of the Tiger Sport centres around an iconic 1050cc triple engine.  Featuring a multitude of developments to optimise power delivery, which include a completely revised combustion chamber, this new generation powerplant delivers waves of immediate torque.  Instant throttle response, thanks to a new ride-by-wire throttle system, allows the rider to make maximum use of the triple engine’s signature drive in any situation from highway cruising to cross-town commuting.  The new, freer flowing exhaust not only sounds richer but also contributes to improved fuel economy.

Technology for the ride
The introduction of a new ECU and ride-by-wire throttle system opens up the new Tiger Sport to a host of rider-focused technology. This means the new Tiger Sport gives an instant response to rider input, with seamless power and a wall of torque immediately on hand.  Added to this are a choice of rider modes, enabling the rider to select the throttle response and traction control to suit the conditions. Available modes are Rain, Road and Sport, tailoring each system to optimise the bike’s performance and control.   The Sport mode allows the rider to explore the maximum character and punch of the triple engine while Rain softens and reduces overall power delivery.  Cruise control completes the suite of original equipment rider aids while an all-new instrument panel, including two trip computers and a live fuel gauge gives clear access to all the information a rider requires, with the benefit of simple navigation through the displays.

Reduce the strain of riding
A slip-assist clutch eases the strain of both city commutes and long-distance adventure by reducing the effort required for each operation, thus contributing to reduced rider fatigue. The new clutch system is coupled to a slick six-speed gearbox to allow the rider to make maximum use of the available power whilst providing a comfortable ratio for top gear long distance cruising.

Style that performs
Restyled and with all new livery available in subtle matt black – with neon yellow detailing – or striking aluminium silver with red details, the Tiger Sport makes a stylish statement for every-day, every-journey motorcycling.   The Tiger Sport’s single sided swingarm gives a clean finish while completing the new look are revised engine covers, new mirrors and a billet machined rear wheel spindle finisher.

Rider comfort reaches a new level of sophistication too – with restyled, grippier footpegs, a tinted, adjustable screen and handguards as standard.   The new screen offers superior wind protection with innovative ‘screen aero diffusers’ deflecting the air away from the rider and passenger without compromising the sporty stance, while the single handed operation makes adjustment easy.

With a huge fan base worldwide, thanks to its great handling, excellent rider and pillion ergonomics and a large load-carrying ability, we’ve built on these foundations to make the new Tiger Sport better in every way for the motorcyclist who wants a single bike that absolutely does it all.

Triumph Reveals the 2016 Speed Triple S and Speed Triple R

As expected, Triumph is releasing a moderately updated version of one of their most successful models, the Speed Triple naked. Now known as the Speed Triple S and the Speed Triple R, the bike has received a range of mild aesthetic changes while mechanically there’s a decent amount of modifications to the engine that makes this a worthy upgrade.

As far as the engine goes, Triumph states that the 1050cc triple has 104 new or modified parts which improves both power and torque across the entire range. Emissions are down and fuel economy has also improved by around 10 per cent. Some of the internal modifications include a new cylinder head, new combustion chamber, new piston design and new ride-by-wire throttles. Output is now claimed to be 140 hp. A slipper clutch is now standard, the exhaust has been heavily modified to produce a 70 percent better flow rate, and both the engine and radiator are said to be 20mm narrower.

Because the throttle is now ride-by-wire, it means the 2016 Triumph Speed Triple gets a range of electronic aids now common for ‘supernaked’ machines. That means five riding modes (road, rain, sport, track and a custom option), various levels of traction control and ABS.

The R model will benefit from Ohlins suspension, billet-machined bar clamps and risers, red radiator cowls and a carbon-fibre front fender. The Speed Triple S will be available in Diablo Red and Phantom Black while the R will come in Crystal White and Matt Graphite. Pricing has yet to be announced for any regions.


The 2016 Triumph Street Twin set to take on the Ducati Scrambler

As part of its Bonneville refresh, Triumph has announced an all new machine – the 2016 Triumph Street Twin. While the bike isn’t a scrambler, given the engine configuration and Triumph’s emphasis on customisation, it’s clear that the British firm is intent on stealing some of Ducati’s younger customers away from them.

The Street Twin gets a 900 cc ‘high torque’ 8 valve, parallel twin motor producing 80 Nm at 3200 rpm. That’s up 18% over the previous engine. Connected to a ride by wire throttle, it has a 270° firing interval and is all controlled by, yes, a six-speed gearbox. Hooray! In addition to that extra torque, the water cooling sees fuel economy improve by 36%.

Other features of the Triumph Street Twin include ABS brakes, traction control, a slipper clutch, USB socket and a gear position indicator on the dash. Triumph has stated that there will also be a big emphasis on customisation with the bike with over 150 dealer fitted options available.

One of the kits available is – surprise, surprise – a Scrambler kit. It includes a brushed high-slung Vance & Hines exhaust system (off-road use only), rear mudguard removal kit with compact rear light, brown ribbed bench seat, brown ‘barrel style’ handlebar grips, compact LED indicators and brushed aluminium sump guard. Other ready made kits include the ‘Brat Tracker’ and ‘Urban Inspiration’.

Given the look of the machine and its specifications, if correctly priced Triumph may well have a new best seller on their hands.


Triumph Confirms the 2016 Bonneville with a Tease

Well all know it’s coming, we already know what it looks like but that isn’t stopping Triumph from going ahead with a new campaign to tease everyone with for the upcoming 2016 Triumph Bonneville. The British manufacturer has posted a new video on YouTube titled, “Something big is coming….”

Not only has there been numerous spy shots of the bike captured over the last few months, but high quality images of the bike have also been seen from promotional material for the movie Outlaws, featuring David Beckham (sure to be the favourite at Cannes Film Festival next year). The bike is shown in all its water cooled glory, much to the chagrin of purists.

The video shows the silhouette of what appears to be a number of variants of the Bonneville of which we’re expecting a bobber and cafe racer to be among them. All will be revealed on 28 October.


Triumph Faces up to $2.9m in Penalties for Improperly Reporting Safety Issues in U.S.

Triumph Motorcycles is facing a hefty bill of at least $1.9 million after failing to report safety issues to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that they were aware of for more than a year. The manufacturer also failed to submit documents to the NHTSA surrounding injury claims and progress reports on repairs to recalled motorcycles.

The $1.9 million penalty is made up of a $1.4 million fine and $500,000 that is required to be spent on improving safety practices a the company. A further $1 million in penalties is hanging over the company’s head should further transgressions be discovered.

The penalties stem from a safety issue discovered that could reduce the steering capability of up to 1,300 motorcycles which the NHTSA found had the potential to cause injury or death.

In response to NHTSA’s investigation, Triumph acknowledged deficiencies in the manner in which it collected and reported early warning data to NHTSA and several instances where Triumph was late in providing quarterly reports on safety recalls. In addition, the company failed to respond by the required deadline to a NHTSA Special Order issued as part of the investigation

As part of the decision, Triumph is required to hire an independent consultant to assist with improving the company’s safety practices, hire a dedicated employee with oversight of all safety issues and direct access to the board of directors and submit plans for improved practices and employee training for the NHTSA’s approval.

That $1.9 million fine isn’t small change for Triumph either – the company posted an £8 million loss for the previous financial year which followed on from a larger loss the previous year of £12.8 million.

Source: NHTSA

Triumph Faces up to $2.9m in Penalties for Improperly Reporting Safety Issues in U.S.

Project Gemini Creates the Most Beautiful Speed Triples in the World

The Triumph Speed Triple is a modern classic, a machine that invented an entire category of motorcycles upon its release and despite coming under increasing pressure, still remains one of the best machines money can buy today. And now, they’ve become a whole lot more desirable thanks to Tony Scott of T3 Racing and Kevin Taggart, Spirit of the Seventies designer. From them has come Project Gemini, a limited release of 100 custom Speed Triples that are absolutely gorgeous.

For British readers, T3 Racing will probably be a recognisable name, having established a one make Speed Triple category in support of the BSBK series until last year. Scott then teamed up with Taggart, the duo having a desire to ride machines that looked as good as they ran. Looking at the pictures below you’d be happy with just a cosmetic overhaul as their designs and colour schemes are fantastic. But instead they went further and improved the bike mechanically as much as they could.

The front suspension gets a revamp, with the new units now contain modified rebound and
compression stacks and brand new T6 Billet Aluminium fork Drop-outs. The centrally mounted, single rear shock has also been upgraded to give the rider full adjustability
for compression, rebound, and pre-load. Stock brakes have been upgraded to include T3’s 6 pot billet calipers and performance pads. Only the best electronic will be fitted to the Gemini bikes,new dashboards, keyless ignition are just some of the refined electrical engineering you can expect to find on these purposefully built machines. The engine gets love too, with power bumped up to 160bhp.

How much? No one knows yet, but only 100 of these machines will be built – 50 Nakeds and 50 Indianapolis. It’s expected that no more than six machines will go to one individual country as well, so if you’re interested you’d better get in quick.


Norton Secures its Future With Thanks to British Taxpayers

British manufacturer Norton Motorcycles, who currently manufacture and sell beautiful looking motorcycles that cost more than most cars has received £4 million courtesy of the British Government to enable it to plan for the future and increase its global presence as well as expand its range.

The iconic British brand has been awarded £4 million from the Government’s landmark Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI). The funds will allow Norton and its 11 supply chain partners, to:

  • Set up a new British Motorcycle Manufacturing Academy (BMMA) to train and supply the next generation of engineering apprentices to Norton Motorcycles and other supply chain partners;
  • Build a new 10,000 sq. feet manufacturing facility; and
  • Develop a new clean motorcycle engine technology in the UK which will power a new green motorcycle within 2 years.
  • The AMSCI funding will result in 159 direct jobs at Norton Motorcycles, which the firm expects will grow into 600 direct and indirect jobs – including 200 apprentices – over 5 years.

It seems a very British thing to do – give public money to a company that in it’s own words creates machines that are designed to be desirable motorcycles at a high price. The cheapest motorcycle Norton currently sells is the Norton Commando Sport. In the UK it sells for £14,495, in the US it’s available for $20,995 and Australia a cool $31,490. For that sort of money you could buy multiple bikes from Triumph – a perhaps more down to Earth UK company…

But what else will this investment bring? The current range of four bikes (based on a single engine) will increase to around eight machines using one of three engines. Those new engines will be a 1,200 V4 which will produce around 200 bhp, as well as a 650cc parallel twin which sounds very exciting – it’s proposed to make around 100 bhp but weigh only 120kg. If they can pull that off then it’s a machine that could well be worth the premium price tag.

Norton plans to show these new machines off by the end of 2016, with sales beggining in 2017. Start saving.

Souce: Norton, MCN

Concept of the Norton 1200 V4