Triumph Reveals the 2016 Speed Triple S and Speed Triple R

As expected, Triumph is releasing a moderately updated version of one of their most successful models, the Speed Triple naked. Now known as the Speed Triple S and the Speed Triple R, the bike has received a range of mild aesthetic changes while mechanically there’s a decent amount of modifications to the engine that makes this a worthy upgrade.

As far as the engine goes, Triumph states that the 1050cc triple has 104 new or modified parts which improves both power and torque across the entire range. Emissions are down and fuel economy has also improved by around 10 per cent. Some of the internal modifications include a new cylinder head, new combustion chamber, new piston design and new ride-by-wire throttles. Output is now claimed to be 140 hp. A slipper clutch is now standard, the exhaust has been heavily modified to produce a 70 percent better flow rate, and both the engine and radiator are said to be 20mm narrower.

Because the throttle is now ride-by-wire, it means the 2016 Triumph Speed Triple gets a range of electronic aids now common for ‘supernaked’ machines. That means five riding modes (road, rain, sport, track and a custom option), various levels of traction control and ABS.

The R model will benefit from Ohlins suspension, billet-machined bar clamps and risers, red radiator cowls and a carbon-fibre front fender. The Speed Triple S will be available in Diablo Red and Phantom Black while the R will come in Crystal White and Matt Graphite. Pricing has yet to be announced for any regions.


Project Gemini Creates the Most Beautiful Speed Triples in the World

The Triumph Speed Triple is a modern classic, a machine that invented an entire category of motorcycles upon its release and despite coming under increasing pressure, still remains one of the best machines money can buy today. And now, they’ve become a whole lot more desirable thanks to Tony Scott of T3 Racing and Kevin Taggart, Spirit of the Seventies designer. From them has come Project Gemini, a limited release of 100 custom Speed Triples that are absolutely gorgeous.

For British readers, T3 Racing will probably be a recognisable name, having established a one make Speed Triple category in support of the BSBK series until last year. Scott then teamed up with Taggart, the duo having a desire to ride machines that looked as good as they ran. Looking at the pictures below you’d be happy with just a cosmetic overhaul as their designs and colour schemes are fantastic. But instead they went further and improved the bike mechanically as much as they could.

The front suspension gets a revamp, with the new units now contain modified rebound and
compression stacks and brand new T6 Billet Aluminium fork Drop-outs. The centrally mounted, single rear shock has also been upgraded to give the rider full adjustability
for compression, rebound, and pre-load. Stock brakes have been upgraded to include T3’s 6 pot billet calipers and performance pads. Only the best electronic will be fitted to the Gemini bikes,new dashboards, keyless ignition are just some of the refined electrical engineering you can expect to find on these purposefully built machines. The engine gets love too, with power bumped up to 160bhp.

How much? No one knows yet, but only 100 of these machines will be built – 50 Nakeds and 50 Indianapolis. It’s expected that no more than six machines will go to one individual country as well, so if you’re interested you’d better get in quick.


Triumph Speed Triple 94 And 94R Announced

Rumored to be coming for a while now, Triumph Motorcycles has today announced that to mark 21 years of producing the Speed Triple it will be releasing two special editions of the venerable roadster – the Speed Triple 94 and Speed Triple 94R. For lovers of supernaked motorcycles, you pretty much have Triumph to thank for creating the segment.

According to Triumph, the Speed 94 and Speed 94R unite both ends of the Speed Triple story, combining the modern Speed Triple engine and chassis package together with stylistic and visual elements of the very first, original Speed Triple 900 from 1994.

Those hoping for some extra oomph or other mechanical changes for the special edition will be disappointed – this is a cosmetic makeover only. And those controversial headlights still remain – no rounded lights for those reminiscing for yesteryear. The paint scheme directly connects to the first Street Triple machines with the special edition available in racing yellow or jet black along with commemorative decals.

The heart of the Speed 94 and Speed 94R remains the same and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The 1050 cc triple retains output of 133 hp and 111 Nm of torque. The 94 is attached to an aluminium trellis frame, single-sided swingarm, fully adjustable 43mm upside-down Showa forks and monoshock, and Brembo radial calipers equipped with Triumph’s anti-lock brake system. The 94R gets uprated brakes and Ohlins both front and rear.

In the UK, both the 94 and 94R will remain the same price as the ‘normal editions’ and hopefully it will be the same for international markets too. Release for the machine will be within the next couple of weeks.


New Triumph Speed Triple Spotted

New photos of surfaced of Triumph’s Speed Triple, arguably Triumph’s most important model and one that is coming under increasing competition from the latest batch of ‘super nakeds’ from BMW and KTM. The Speed Triple was last updated in 2011 and the spy shots shown here indicate that Triumph is working on an evolution rather than a revolution of the 1,050cc triple.

While the exhaust cans on the test bike clearly won’t be what is fitted on the production version, it’s interesting that Triumph hasn’t decided to move the cans down low like they did with the last update of the Street Triple. Also at the rear, the single piece seat appears to have been replaced separate pews for the rider and pillion.

At the front is probably the most interesting change with a new fly screen sitting above the unchanged headlights with what appears to be a ram air scoop at its base. It seems to be a very small aperture for a ram air scoop and engineers we’ve passed this by don’t think it will deliver much if anything in the way of extra performance – though perhaps it will serve as a good marketing ploy.

Indications are that other than the ram air scoop, there won’t be any real changes to the performance aspects of the Speed Triple. This test mule also shows no indication of a massively upgraded electronics package by way of dynamic suspension or cornering ABS – such additions if they are utilized in the new Speed Triple will likely be reserved for the uprated R version in any event.