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Every week (should the planets align) we search the intermanets to find the best deals on motorcycle clothing, gear, equipment, accessories and parts. This week brings up to 55% off a range of Bell helmets, big savings on Dainese full leather suits, 49% off Pirelli Diablo Scorpion tires and big discounts on AGV helmets.

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The Shoei X-Spirit III Gives you Wings

Shoei has updated its top of the line track focused helmet, the Shoe X-Spirit III and as can clearly be seen from the images below, aerodynamics is the name of the game. It seems making helmets more slippery and stable at high speeds is the next focus for helmet companies competing in the premium space for riders wanting the best of the best when venturing to the race track.

There’s now a massive rear spoiler on the back of the lid which can actually be removed and replaced with a thinner one for slower tracks. The standard spoiler is designed to improve aerodynamic performance for speeds in excess of 300 km/h (186 mph), hence it’s unlikely you’ll see much in the way of benefit on the street (or even at many tracks for that matter…).

Also changed from the previous version is that Shoei’s AIM+ six layer shell has been employed for better safety and the interior is now fully modular, allowing you to remove and/or re-position the pads for an optimum fit. Ventilation is also claimed to have improved.

So, if you’re the type of rider that needs the best of the best, prepare to fork out £549.99 for the the plain coloured version and  and £649.99 for one with graphics. That’s the equivalent of at least half a dozen track days, but hey, it’s Marc Marquez’s helmet of choice so you’ll probably get at least a few tenths lap time improvement from it.


Weekly Deals Round-Up

Every week (approximately) we search the interwebs to find the best deals on motorcycle clothing, gear, equipment, accessories and parts. This week brings 25% off the Shark Race-R Pro Redding replica helmet, 43% of the Dainse D-Dry Jacket and nearly a third off Rev’it! RSR Gloves.

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Other Gear

The Icon Airframe Pro Is the Lightest Mass Produced Helmet Money can Buy

At least that’s the claim from Icon who have quickly moved up the charts in recent years in providing good quality gear at extremely reasonable prices. The Icon Airmada and Icon Alliance were both brilliant helmets when released a few years ago and continue to be great choices given their price. But now Icon is really trying to throw the cat amongst the pigeons, targeting the high level offerings from AGV, Shoei and Arai with their Icon Airframe Pro.

The Icon Airframe Pro is the successor to the original Airframe helmet which was released six years ago. It’s a complete rework of the lid and Icon claims that not only is it the best helmet they’ve ever made but the best helmet available – period. That’s a big statement to make, especially when prices start at $375 which is around half the price of top offerings from brands like Shoei and Arai. So what makes it special?

First of all is the versatility of the helmet when it comes to different head shapes. Internally, the traditional three-piece liner has been upgraded to a five-piece liner, providing a greater amount of fitment combinations for each unique head shape. Crown, lateral, fore and aft padding components allow for a possibility of 27 fitment combinations in a single shell, double that of the Icon Airframe’s competitors.

Comfort is also a key selling point. There’s 9 intake vents and 7 exhaust vents – the intake vents have been repositioned to drastically reduce noise levels. The neck roll has also been redesigned to prevent the helmet from hitting your race suit hump when tucked.

The helmet looks pretty damn aggressive and it’s obviously designed for sportsbike riders or at least aggressive riding on the street. The shell is hand made and it only weighs 3.6 pounds. But the Airframe Carbon Pro model that goes for $600 comes in at 3 pounds (1.45kg) – that makes it arguably the lightest helmet you can buy off the shelf today.

It’ meets DOT (US), ECE 22-05 (EU), SAI AS1698:2006 (Australian) & PSC (Japan) Helmet Safety Standards and comes in four sizes. The review from Revzilla is very positive and given the prices, the Icon Airframe Pro is going to be another big seller from Icon.


SHOEI Transitions Face Shields Coming

Coming just a week after AGV announced their battery operated solution to sunlight, SHOEI has released details of their visors incorporating photochromic technology from Transitions Optical which will create an adaptive face shield that adjusts to outdoor light and weather conditions – changing from clear to very dark and everything in-between.

At this stage, the visor which will be called the CWR-1 adaptive face shield will fit only the full-face RF-1200 helmet. “Our retail customers as well as our dealer-distribution network have been asking us for a top-of-the-line adaptive shield for years,” said Moichi Tsuzuki, SHOEI Safety Helmet Corp, president. “We are excited for the added value the Transitions shield will bring to our customers and for the enhanced visual experience they will now have while riding. Being able to see perfectly in all lighting conditions is optimal for both safety and for a more fun, enjoyable ride.”

The shields, developed using Transitions’ state-of-the-art photochromic technology, automatically self-adjust from clear at night and in low light conditions to dark gray in bright sunlight. They eliminate the need for motorcycle riders to carry and switch out multiple shields. The shields also protect against wind and debris, and like all Transitions® technology, block 100% of harmful UV rays.

This isn’t the first time SHOEI has announced this product – in fact it was announced over a year ago that these were ‘coming soon’. Let’s hope this time they aren’t vaporware and that the visors will be made for other SHOEI helmets as well.

RRP will be $169.99.

[vimeo 119291798 w=500 h=281]

5 Of The Best 5 Star Rated Helmets

If you’ve read our article from last week you’ll know that an expensive helmet doesn’t automatically make it a good helmet. But are all 5 star rated helmets created equal? In this article we look at what we think are the five best 5 star rated helmets, both budget and premium. Money might not buy you extra safety in the case of some helmets, but it can buy you comfort, quality and features.

Nitro Aikido – From $139.95

Given its rock bottom price the Nitro Aikido is one helmet that just can’t be ignored. If you want good head protection at the cheapest price then the Nitro Aikido is the helmet for you. And despite the cheap price, the majority of rider feedback is that it’s a decent all around helmet.


  • Value for money
  • Comfortable
  • Aerodynamic. Minimal drag when turning the head at higher speeds
  • Misting/Fogging clears up quickly when at speed
  • Removable liner


  • Noisy – earplugs are a must
  • With vents open there is a fair bit of turbulence inside the helmet
  • Average to poor vision. The eye slot is shortened on the ends, cutting off peripheral vision and requiring the rider to turn their head more than other helmets.
  • Pinlock compatible but does not include a Pinlock insert

Nitro Aikido Five Best 5 Star Rated Helmets

Caberg Vox – From $125

Caberg is a helmet manufacturer you’ve probably never heard of which is a real shame – they have six helmets rated at 5 stars by SHARP and the most expensive is only £145 ($226). The Caberg Vox can actually be purchased at some online retailers for only $125 which actually makes it cheaper than the Nitro Aikido.


  • Possibly the cheapest 5 star helmet you can buy
  • Built in sun visor
  • Removable liners


  • Average ventilation
  • Sun visor is prone to fogging
  • Average noise

Caberg Box Five Best 5 Star Rated Helmets

Shoei Qwest – From $366.99

Even though most helmets all look the same, Shoei somehow just manages to make their lids look that much better.  And while the Shoei Qwest is one of Shoei’s cheaper helmets, it still pretty much has all the features you’d want.


  • Very lightweight
  • Very quiet


  • Some fogging of the visor when stationary
  • Venting not as good as the Shark Race R Pro or AGV Corsa

Shoei Qwest Five Best 5 Star Rated Helmets

Shark Race R – From $599.95

The top of the line helmet from Shark, it combines lightweight materials, race track aerodynamics and minimal wind noise in a highly attractive package. Shark might not have the same brand credentials as Arai or Shoei, but they make helmets just as good.


  • Minimal wind noise
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Almost as good as the AGV Corsa, but $200 cheaper


  • Slight fogging in humid conditions
  • Padding tight around the cheeks

Shark Race R Pro Five Best 5 Star Rated Helmets

AGV Corsa – From $799.95

The most expensive helmet featured here at a RRP of $799.95, which means for the price you could buy around 6 Caberg Vox’s. But that’s the same as saying you could buy a dozen Toyota Camry’s for the same price as a Porsche 911. You get what you pay for and while the AGV Corsa has the same 5 star safety rating as the other helmets here, it’s leaps and bounds ahead in quality and other features compared to some of them.


  • Excellent ventilation
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-lift rear spoiler (that dislodges in a crash)
  • Expanded eyeport for improved visability


  • Price
  • Better suited to the track than the street

AGV Corsa Five Best 5 Star Rated Helmets