Weekly Deals Round-Up

Every week (approximately) we search the interwebs to find the best deals on motorcycle clothing, gear, equipment, accessories and parts. This week brings 25% off the Shark Race-R Pro Redding replica helmet, 43% of the Dainse D-Dry Jacket and nearly a third off Rev’it! RSR Gloves.

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Weekly Deals Round-Up

It’s back. Every week (or when we get around to it) we search the interwebs to find the best deals on motorcycle clothing, gear, equipment, accessories and parts. This week brings 15% off all REV’IT gear, big savings on the Schuberth S2 Ghost Helmet and 38% off SPIDI’s awesome looking X-Ultra shoes.

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Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. and REV’IT! Announce Riding Gear Collaboration

Yamaha Parts and Accessories, a division of Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., today announced an exclusive collaboration with leading riding gear manufacturer, REV’IT!, to deliver a new line of high performance motorcycle riding gear custom crafted for Yamaha owners.

“Yamaha, much like REV’IT!, comes from a lineage of riding, so it made perfect sense to collaborate on this innovative collection,” said Frank Pittman, Vice President, Customer Support Group, Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. “The new Yamaha by REV’IT! riding gear feature REV’IT!’s exemplary craftsmanship while balancing innovation, functionality, and style.”

Continuing Yamaha’s commitment to their customers, the newly announced riding gear line will be available from Yamaha’s large network of authorized brick-and-mortar dealers as well as onhttp://www.shopyamaha.com, Yamaha’s online apparel and accessories store. “Our customers are first and foremost, and offering convenient ways to purchase will ensure the process is easy and convenient. We are excited to bring this opportunity to them,” said Pittman.

Comprised of features such as Hydratex® G-Liner for waterproofing, double front zipper, reflective Yamaha logo, and Knox® Flexiform CE protection, these jackets prepare you for whatever conditions might be in store. “REV’IT! was born out of a passion for design, innovation and performance, and this partnership reinforces both companies’ dedication to these values and to the consumers who understand and appreciate them,” said Paolo Bacchiarello of REV’IT!.

The two companies launched the much anticipated collection at MotoGP’s first U.S. stop in Austin Texas at the Circuit of the Americas on April 9 -12 and will join forces to launch a co-operative, robust Go-To-Market plan supported by additional marketing opportunities, including promotion through both companies’ websites, digital advertising, catalogs, and event support kicking off a sweepstakes where one lucky winner will receive a free Jupiter jacket by going tohttp://www.yamahapartsandaccessories.com/getingear and registering.

For more information on the Yamaha by REV’IT! line please visit http://www.shopyamaha.com

Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. and REV’IT! Announce Riding Gear Collaboration

Buying Motorcycle Gear from AliExpress – Is it Safe?

We all want the best we gear can get for the lowest possible price, and that’s why many bargain hunters end up buying their motorcycle gear from Aliexpress. But is it safe? Are the goods genuine? Are the prices too good to be true? We’ve bought a selection of gloves, jackets and pants over the past 18 months from the online superstore so you don’t have to and our conclusions should help prevent you from wasting your hard earned currency.

For those who haven’t heard of the website before, Aliexpress is the online retail arm of Alibaba, a massive Chinese e-commerce company that acts as a source for thousands of importers from all over the world to buy goods and then sell them locally. Most of the stuff you buy on eBay? It’s sourced from Alibaba at a wholesale level or Aliexpress for smaller players. At it’s initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange, it was valued at $231 billion.  Amazon is only valued at $144 billion and in stark contrast, Alibaba is actually profitable.

You can buy motorcycle fairings, rearsets, sliders, decals, replacement parts and clothing, be it gloves, boots, jackets or helmets. But we’re not talking about t-shirts here that you buy for looks. Motorcycle protective clothing is for just that – protection. So are all the Alpinestars gloves and Dainese jackets genuine?

Some of the products you buy are obviously fake. Dodgy looking logos, sizing that’s completely wrong and exotic materials that are clearly not what they’re supposed to be. But some goods are so realistic that if you put them side by side with the same product at a retail store, you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. Perhaps they are genuine – there is the potential they’ve come from the same factory as the full priced items but I’m basing that judgment at a superficial level. The stitching and dyes which hold everything together may very well be poor (and cheap) imitations which completely changes the structural integrity of the product. Here’s what we found.


We purchased a number of gloves from Aliexpress as follows:

  • Alpinestars S1 (RRP of $159.95 on Revzilla, $29.95 on Aliexpress)
  • Dainese Full Metal RS (RRP of $349.95 on Motorcycle Supestore, $80.00 on Aliexpress)
  • RS Taichi RST369 (Now discontinued, but $39.99 on Aliexpress)
  • REV’IT Summit H20 (RRP of $134.99 on Bike Bandit, $49.99 on Aliexpress)

As you can see there’s a massive difference in price between what you can get on Aliexpress compared to general retail stores. So is it a case of too good to be true? Pretty much.

The RS Taichi gloves were the best out of the four. We honestly couldn’t tell the difference between them and the genuine article. And out of the four pairs of gloves we purchased, they’re the only ones we crash tested – numerous times. They held up perfectly. I have no doubt the carbon fiber palm sliders and knuckle protectors are just plastic, but nevertheless they did the job.

The next best is the REV’IT Summit H20 gloves. They look genuine, the feel genuine but for some reason they just seem off and I can’t put my finger on why. The Alpinestars S1’s looked genuine until you take a closer look. First of all they’re pleather, not leather. Secondly, you know they’re fake because the logos are in the wrong places and the holes on the wrists aren’t fully perforated.


REV'IT Airwave Textile Jacket Review

If you live in a tropical climate, a textile jacket like the REV’IT Airwave Jacket is essential. It’s all too easy to just ditch a jacket in favor of a t-shirt when the temperature is well over 100° every day and the moisture in the air is so thick you can almost drink it. Living in northern Thailand, these are the conditions I live with for over half of the year and given the dangers present on Thai roads, you really don’t want to leave yourself so exposed by not wearing a jacket.  And therefore I’m so happy I found the REV’IT Airwave.

Just by looking at the jacket you can tell that it lets through a tremendous amount of air. Almost the entire front and back of the jacket is one big mesh panel. There’s also mesh on the inside of the sleeves to keep your arms cool too as well as down the sides of the jacket to just below the armpits.  There’s by far and away more mesh on this jacket than not, which is why it’s so good for a hot climate.

And obviously why it’s not good at all for a more moderate climate. When I took this jacket back to the US for a trip home at the start of Fall, it was actually a bit too cold to use.  It’s definitely a Summer/Spring jacket and you’ll obviously need something else during the winter months. Thailand’s winter is the US spring, so, no issue for me.

REV'IT! Airwave Textile Motorcycle Jacket Back

And if you’re wondering how it handles a crash, I can (un)fortunately tell you. Quite well is the answer. There’s a bit of false information out there that textile jackets are only good for one accident. No doubt in certain circumstances a textile jacket would probably get shredded in a crash (dependent on speed and road surface), but I’ve come off using this twice (once on the road, once at the track) and it’s held up fine. There’s no holes or tears in the mesh and the stitching on the REV’IT Airwave is top notch. In fact, despite this jacket being at the free Cialis coupon cheaper end of the scale, it really doesn’t skimp on qualify or features. It even includes a zipper at the base of the jacket to attach to a pair of REV’IT pants, like the REV’IT Airwave pants (which we’ll review soon).

The only complaint I can really make about the jacket is the collar.  It’s just too small. Buttoning up the collar, you feel it rubbing against your Adams apple and if you don’t button it up, it flaps around and irritates you in a different way.  But for the airflow you get from this jacket with the protection it still provides, I can live with that.

The REV’IT Airwave Jacket retails for $199 at the Motorcycle Superstore.