Dainese And Regenesi Recycle Old Leathers Into Accessories

Do you really like Dainese gear but can’t stretch the budget to afford a full leather suit from them? Well, now you can own at least part of an old Dainese suit with their new partnership with Regenesi, a company engaged in the design of products made of discarded consumer items.

The collaboration has given life to the first moto-recycling project with a line of accessories and small leather items made of riders’ suits. The concept of waste in Regenesi is seen as a new opportunity: part of the leathers, in fact, become new objects with new functions.

Each Regenesi product is a unique piece made with leather parts from the original suits used by Dainese riders. Some even contain scuff marks and other imperfections courtesy of a crash.

If you were hoping that these recycled items would be fairly affordable, think again. The cheapest items available are smartphone holders which cost $79. Prices go up to $134 for the range of credit card holders. All items are available on the Dainese D-Store.