Victory “Combustion” Concept Shown

Victory has shown off the second and final concept in their series of bikes that is based around their brand new 1,200 cc engine – an engine that will feature in a production motorcycle next year. The ‘Combustion’ as it’s called was crafted by Zach Ness of Arlen Ness Motorcycles.

Both the Ignition concept – which was shown last month in Milan –  and the Combustion concept are propelled by production-intent engines that will power a new model Victory Motorcycle to be revealed in 2016. The Engine is a 1200cc liquid cooled 60 degree V-Twin design with four valves per cylinder and was used at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb earlier this year.

“This new engine platform offers the most versatility in American Motorcycling.” says Motorcycle Product Director Gary Gray.  “Both concepts, Ignition and Combustion, are intended to show what this motor is capable of in very distinct, visual forms.  While the bikes are very different, the powertrain is capable of delivering the performance required of the look in both cases.”

So, which one will the production model more resemble? We’d wager the combustion is more in keeping with the tastes of most Victory owners are after – and perhaps non-Victory owners, too.

Victory Ignition Concept Shows off New 1200cc Engine

This is the Victory Ignition – a concept bike that shows the direction the all American company is heading. But while the bike in itself is interesting, it’s the brand new engine inside that’s the real highlight. Housing a liquid-cooled, four valve 60 degree V-Twin, this is the engine that was used in the Victory Project 156 concept that ran at this year’s Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

The Ignition Concept has been created by European builder Urs Erbacher. Erbacher’s concept – dubbed the “Victory Ignition Concept” was custom built around the first preproduction engine off of the line in Osceola Wisconsin. “We knew any production version of the Project 156 race motor would be a great centerpiece in any American bike, but we wanted to see a European take on the design for EICMA. So we sought out Urs Erbacher to see his vision,” explains Gary Gray, Director Motorcycle Product. “In the end I think we have a concept bike that both American and European consumers can get excited about.”

Unfortunately, Victory isn’t giving too much away on the specifications of the engine. It features the same base architecture in the prototype engine used in Project 156 – the crankcase, v-angle, rotating bottom-end, transmission and clutch set-up is all the same. The liquid-cooled four-valve engine has double overhead cams with the aim of making class-leading power. Additional details of the engine will be revealed in the months to come.

And does this concept model actually represent what we might see from Victory next year? It’s hard to say and little is given away by Victory. Erbacher says he was given free reign to design the Ignition concept, but at the same time we’d be surprised if it doesn’t at least provide some hints as to future design cues of what to expect. More photos will follow below as soon as we get a hold of them.

Indian Motorcycles To Return To Flat-Track Racing

In an interview with Alan Cathcart (see here) at CycleNews it has been revealed that Indian Motorcycles will go racing in the AMA Pro Flat-Track series either late next year or early in 2017. Indian and Harley-Davidson went head to head in flat-track as early as the 1930’s – now that rivalry looks set to be reignited.

“I don’t have anything more to tell you at this stage, beyond the fact that the decision has been made, and we’re definitely going racing with Indian in the oval-track world with a factory-supported team” said Steve Menneto, Vice President of Polaris Industries’ motorcycle division.

But what would Indian enter into such an event? They currently sell nothing that would be suitable for oval dirt track racing both in engine capacity or chassis design. Rumors have been circulating for the last year or so that Indian would launch a competitor to Harley-Davidson’s Street 750 and Menneto certainly hinted that might be the case. Yes, a circa 750cc Indian V-Twin is on the cards.

It’s been a huge year for Polaris Industries. Firstly they announced the purchase of Brammo’s electric motorcycle division and subsequently entered the Isle of Man TT with a Brammo powered Victory motorcycle. Victory also entered the Pikes Peak Hill Climb with a prototype machine (titled Project 156) – which has now been confirmed as a 1200cc engine that will be used in an upcoming Victory motorcycle some time next year.

One last little tidbit from the interview was the mention of the Victory Core – a brilliant concept bike made way back in 2009. Menneto stated “I’m interested in producing it, because it says a lot about the Victory brand from a marketing perspective, so I’ve got the team looking at doing that. Are we going to build the Core? We’re trying really hard to figure out a way…”