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Every week (should the planets align) we search the intermanets to find the best deals on motorcycle clothing, gear, equipment, accessories and parts. This week brings up to 55% off a range of Bell helmets, big savings on Dainese full leather suits, 49% off Pirelli Diablo Scorpion tires and big discounts on AGV helmets.

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It’s the end of the year and that means big savings on all sorts of motorcycle gear and equipment. So if you haven’t already gotten what you need, we’ve searched far and wide for the best deals on the internet. This month’s deals include big savings on tires, Bell helmets and Spidi gloves.

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Pirelli Announces New Angel City Tyres

Pirelli has announced the upcoming release of a new set of tyres aimed at the Asian and Australasian markets for motorcycles up to and around the 300cc range. That means that learners riding increasingly popular bikes like the Honda CBR300R, Yamaha R3 and Ninja 300 will have another option when replacing their first of tyres.

We’ve been highly critical of Honda and Kawasaki in the past for their use of IRC tyres on their learner bikes. In our opinion they offer poor levels of grip and inadequate wet weather performance too, so to have a company like Pirelli come into the market with new offerings is fantastic to see. Pirelli of course already offers the Diablo Rosso II tyres in this segment, although they are aimed more at performance whereas the Angel City tyres are designed more for commuters and to hit the sweet spot between longevity and grip.

According to Pirelli, their goal for the new Angel City is to increase the company’s presence in the Asian and Australasian market in this segment. The tyre offers all of the best characteristics of two existing Pirelli tyres, the Sport Demon and the Sport Dragon in one single product, taking advantage of the latest developments and cutting-edge technology to meet the modern requirements of bikes and riders.

The full press release is below and Pirelli Australia states the tyres should hit the market in early 2016. Given the similarities of European learner restrictions to Australia, we’d wouldn’t be surprised if the Angel City’s make their way to the UK and European Union as well. Let’s hope some of the manufacturers start using these as their OEM tyres in the future as well.

pirelli angel city tyre sizes

Subang, (Indonesia) 09 November 2015 – Pirelli is proud to present the new ANGEL™ CiTy, the first tyre produced by the Italian brand in the new Indonesian factory of Subang, near the capital, Jakarta.

Pirelli has developed the new ANGEL™ CiTy above all for the requirements and habits of riders who mainly prefer sporting bikes up to 300cc and other commuting bikes to get around the city, as well as for recreational use.

Thanks to features such as high durability and resistance, safety in any conditions and sporty handling, Pirelli’s goal for the new ANGEL™ CiTy is to increase the company’s presence in the Asian and Australasian market in this segment. The tyre offers all of the best characteristics of two legendary tyres, the SPORT DEMON™ and the SPORT DRAGON™ in one single product, taking advantage of the latest developments and cutting-edge technology to meet the modern requirements of bikes and riders.

ANGEL™ CiTy encapsulates the Italian soul and sporting nature of Pirelli, a prestigious and historic tyre manufacturer that has always been dedicated to technological development and motorsports. Pirelli is the exclusive supplier of tyres for the FIA Formula One World Championship® and the Motul FIM Superbike World Championship, as well as its important commitments to the World Championships for Rally, Motocross and Endurance, and all the most important two- and four-wheel motorsport competitions. This role demonstrates the passion and dedication that Pirelli has always had for motorsports, which forms an important part of the DNA of this Italian company.

The Sport Touring Segment
The conventional Sport Touring tyre is the most widespread and common type of bike tyre in the world. The largest market for this segment is Asia, together with South America and Australia, but it has also shown steady growth in the West and Europe over the last few years.

Sturdiness, durability, grip on wet roads and consistent performance are the main aspects taken into consideration when selecting a tyre in this segment. This why the new ANGEL™ CiTy has been specially developed using the technology of the ANGEL™ GT as a starting point, the winner of multiple comparative tests, adjusting it for the conventional construction of bikes with engines up to 300cc.

The new Pirelli ANGEL™ CiTy was created with the intention of it becoming the benchmark tyre for this segment and the market leader for 300cc engine bikes.

Strengths of the ANGEL™ CiTy and advantages for riders
The new ANGEL™ CiTy is the first line of Pirelli tyres developed in the new Subang factory in Indonesia. All the developments and technical solutions adopted in terms of profiles, structure, compounds and tread design were created with three main objectives in mind:

  • High durability and resistance
  • Safety under all conditions (e.g. wet and bumpy roads)
  • Characteristic Pirelli handling

The new ANGEL™ CiTy represents state-of-the-art Pirelli technology for sporting bikes up to 300cc, including smaller capacity sport touring and other commuting bikes.

Who ANGEL™ CiTy is intended for
ANGEL™ CiTy was designed for all those who use their bike the entire year, either to go to work and move easily through city traffic or for leisure and with a passenger. These are riders who need a tyre which can offer excellent mileage, top quality in terms of braking and versatility, as well as sturdiness, comfort and safety on wet roads.

The tread design of ANGEL™ CiTy:
The tread design of the new ANGEL™ CiTy has been developed following the wear-line principle to guarantee optimum wear and improve water dispersal. A break in the compound, or cut, that passes these lines at a right angle, reduces the formation of these wave lines, giving the advantage of more uniform wear and a reduction in the stress to which the compound is subjected. All of this translates into a direct benefit for the end user, who can count on a tyre with more uniform wear, therefore able to guarantee better mileage.

There are some substantial differences between the tread design of the front and rear tyres, even though the size is sometimes the same. The main difference regards the quantity and orientation of the cuts, a necessary decision due to the fact that the front and rear wheels face different types of stresses. The main function of the rear tyre is to transmit the power of the vehicle to the ground and guarantee grip during acceleration, while the front is responsible for steering, braking and water dispersal.

Some competitors offer tyres that can be fitted on either front or rear wheel, merely by inverting the direction of rotation. However, Pirelli’s experience has lead them to the conclusion that this type of solution has notable negative impacts on performance.

The tread design of the ANGEL™ CiTy represents the evolution of the ANGEL™ GT, adapted to the smaller width and the structure of the ANGEL™ CiTy. Pirelli has favoured a technical approach to maintain efficiency and performance. Some tyre manufacturers’ focus on developing tyres just with a very attractive tread design, but Pirelli’s philosophy runs counter to this – aesthetics are important, but performance and safety must always take precedence.

The compounds used for the ANGEL™ CiTy
The new ANGEL™ CiTy uses an innovative compound, mainly based on carbon black with a calibrated percentage of silica, able to offer excellent grip on wet and dry surfaces, great tear resistance and high mileage. The advantages of carbon black derive from its ability to quickly get up to temperature, offering immediate traction in both dry and wet, while the silica components allow it to perform well in a wider range of temperatures and conditions. The ANGEL™ CiTy is therefore at home both on cold mornings and on hot afternoons, always able to offer high grip and an excellent feeling of safety in any riding conditions and on all road types.

The structure of the ANGEL™ CiTy
The new ANGEL™ CiTy has a nylon casing with excellent absorption properties and high resistance to stress and wear.
This is a well-known structure, widely used and tested in various applications. Its key characteristics are durability and resistance, as well as comfort and stability on all road types.

The advantages guaranteed by ANGEL™ CiTy can be clearly felt under all riding conditions but it is on rough roads that the qualities of this tyre are best appreciated. In fact, its robust construction guarantees high resistance to punctures and reliable performance throughout the entire life of the tyre.

Availability and sizes for ANGEL™ CiTy
The new ANGEL™ CiTy is available in a wide range of sizes able to satisfy the large majority of vehicles in the category to which it is dedicated, from commuters to sporty bikes up to 300cc. This new tyre is expected to be available to Australian riders in early 2016.

Pirelli Scorpion Trail II Tire Review

The holy grail for adventure riders is a tire that offers long lasting wear, as well as great grip on and off the road.  And while there’s no such tire that truly meets all three criteria and probably never will be (that is until someone develops a tire that can morph from road tire into a knobby on the run) the new Pirelli Scorpion Trail II provides brilliant road grip, long lasting wear and does a pretty decent job on the dirt too.

Pirelli offered me the opportunity to test their new Scorpion Trail II tires recently which had been affixed to a Suzuku V-Strom 1000 – a machine that’s actually pretty capable of hitting the odd trail. In addition to hitting some twisty roads at pace, I was keen to see how far I could push the tires off road as well.

Pirelli Scorpion Trail II Tire Review

Dirty chicken strips

Pirelli is aiming this tire at the ever expanding adventure touring segment and is an evolution rather than a revolution over the previous version. The aim is to create a tire with good road performance, while still capable of tackling unpaved surfaces. It is designed for motorcycles such as the Ducati Multistrada, Aprilia Caponord, Kawasaki Versys and Suzuki V-Strom and in fact is starting to come standard on a number of such bikes.

The tread pattern of the tire takes cues from the Pirelli Angel GT which is aimed at the sport touring segment, but with modifications to provide more off-road grip. The side grooves of the new Scorpion Trail II have been modified to ensure optimal drainage in case of rain, while the layout and “binary open” shape of the central ones not only contribute to the drainage of water but also ensure better traction, greater stability and more regular wear.

Pirelli Scorpion Trail II Tire Review

Compared to its predecessor, the new tire has a wider central section which retains a compound developed for high mileage without compromising cornering performance, and especially developed to offer excellent wet performance. The side compound was designed to optimize the balance between performance on dry and wet roads. Pirelli states that they think mileage will be around 30 per cent higher on the Scorpion Trail II range compared to its predecessor without any reduction in grip levels – a sizable improvement.

That all said, these tires aren’t designed as off road specific boots. In fact, they’re really a 90/10 ratio offering of road/off-road and so if you’re planning on going through the mountains or forests where you won’t see asphalt for days a time, this isn’t the right tire. What they are designed for is the adventure tourer who expects good amounts of grip but with the ability to hit hard packed dirt roads with confidence should the need present itself.

Pirelli Scorpion Trail II Tire Review

There’s even little scorpions on the tire. Aww…

So how do they go for what they’re expected to do 90 per cent of the time? Very well. Tire technology has come ahead so far over recent years that it’s almost a case of every new tire coming out offering grip levels that far surpass what most mere mortals need for the road. In fact you could take your adventure bike to the track with these tires and be assured they will perform effortlessly.

After racking up a many hundreds of kilometers of aggressive riding over a few days, they didn’t once miss a beat. I found that turn in performance from the tire to be pretty much spot on for what I personally like on an adventure bike – not too aggressive that sees the bike lean over too quickly but still enough to really let you throw the bike into the corners.

But what i really wanted to do was test them off the black stuff. Unfrotunately the weather was against me. Day after day there was light to moderate rainfall and I wasn’t particularly enthused with the idea of taking these tires attached to a 250kg V-Strom onto muddy roads – I’m just not that competent an off-road rider. But as the deadline to me returning the bike grew ever closer I bit the bullet and headed out to try my luck.

Despite a few hairier moments, the Scorpion Trail II tires were surprisingly good in light mud.

Over the course of the day I road over packed dirt, light gravel and some rather wet patches that caused me to reconsider what the hell I was doing. That said, the tires performed admirably. Yes, I had a number of moments where the back end stepped out when on muddy patches in corners but every time I just held the throttle open and waited for the tire to hook back up. Again, not my tire of choice for the mud but it did far better than I expected it to. I’m sure that with a better rider at the helm and perhaps dropping the pressures down, those moments might have been avoided all together.

Overall, the new Pirelli Scorpion Trail II tires offer good value given their grip levels and based on the previous Scorpion Trail range, provide a good amount of life before needing to be replaced. Best of all, they’re now available in a 90/90 21 size for dual sport riders wanting another option.  Prices start at $169 for a front and reach $308.95 for a rear, depending on size.

Sizing Available:

Pirelli Scorpion Trail II Tire Review

The SC-Rumble is a Post-Apocalyptic Ducati Scrambler

Ducati and Pirelli have joined forces previously with the Ducati Scrambler, with Pirelli developing the custom MT 60 RS tyres fitted to the bike and now they’ve gotten together for some artistic flair by commissioning Vibrazioni Art Design to create a work of art on the two-wheeler.

And so the “SC-Rumble” was born, a special edition manufactured as a single unit. Built on the base of a Ducati Scrambler, on the two sides of the tank it has a rubber sheet, laser inscribed with the tread design of the factory tyres and the Scrambler logo. The timing couldn’t be better, with the bike no doubt riding on the wave of hype generated from the latest Mad Max movie.

The factory frame was shortened at the rear and all the original superstructures were removed in favour of a monocoque frame made from recycled metal sheet of industrial bins, hand hammered and shaped maintaining the original colours. The monocoque frame was then painted with a glossy finish polyurethane clearcoat in order to accentuate its shine and to have a surface smooth to the touch.

The top fairing is made from hand shaped aluminium like the side panels, and houses the headlight made from billet aluminium, with a smoked lens that has a circular LED light guide inspired by the factory Ducati Scrambler headlight. The high exhaust is based on the dedicated Termignoni aftermarket model with a hand-crafted silencer.

The bike’s set up and riding settings were modified thanks to the use of a tailor-made rear shock absorber with a longer wheelbase and the replacement of the factory handlebar with one from the Ducati Streetfighter, which gives the bike a tighter and more reactive ride. One side of the tank has the words Ducati Scrambler hand painted and the other side emphasizes the texture of the Pirelli MT 60™ RS tyre tread pattern, laser inscribed on nitride rubber and applied within the body of the tank itself.

The SC-Rumble was first shown at the London Bike Shed event and will now head to the French town of Biarritz where it will participate in the “Wheels and Waves” show scheduled from 11 to 14 June.


Weekly Deals Round-Up

Every week we search the interwebs to find the best deals on motorcycle clothing, gear, equipment, accessories and parts. This week includes up to 60% off Alpinestars casual clothing, $50 rebates on Dunlop tires and big discounts on a variety of BiLT Techno gear and equipment.

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ChemChina Set To Buy Into Pirelli

The 143 year old Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli looks set to be taken over ChemChina in a deal reportedly worth €7.1. ChemChina, also known as the China National Chemical Corp is a state owned corporation that deals in agrochemicals, rubber products, chemical materials and specialty chemicals, industrial equipment, and petrochemical processing.

According to Reuters, the deal was agreed to by Pirelli’s top shareholders last week. The offer will be launched at 15 euros per share, valuing the Italian group at 7.1 billion euros excluding net debt of almost 1 billion euros at the end of 2014. The ChemChina unit also envisages taking Pirelli private.

The takeover by ChemChina would give it access to a host of technology related to premium tires, and it would also give Pirelli a huge advantage in the Chinese market where the likes of Michelin and Continental are also looking at expansion.

The deal isn’t a done thing, however. As at the close of trade last Friday, Pirelli shares were trading at €15.50, only 50 cents away from the offer ceiling of €16. That would mean ChemChina would need to increase its bid for shareholders to agree to the takeover. There’s also the possibility that other tire rivals may make a bid as well.

Pirelli is probably one of the better known tire manufacturers, being the current tire supplier for Formula 1 and has great reputation among motorcycle riders looking for tires that can be used both on and off the track.

ChemChina Set To Buy Into Pirelli