Is the Honda NXR160 Supermoto Coming to the West?

Honda has filed a design patent with the European Trade Mark and Design Network for the NXR160 – a supermoto that has been available in Brazil since late last year. This by no means is an indication that Honda is considering selling the bike in Europe as companies often register in other jurisdictions to protect their intellectual property. But given the importance of the entry level market, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see Honda release an entry level supermoto.

The engine of the NXR160 would likely have to be modified significantly (or completely changed) to work in Europe, which makes the business case for it a bit harder. The Honda NXR160 as it currently is configured in Brazil features a flex fuel engine (able to take both normal fuel and ethanol) and is air cooled. It also only makes 14.5 hp – less than half what some of the entry level competition is currently producing.

Alongside adventure bikes, entry level supermotos are a virtually non-existent species at the moment and it would be great to see a company dip their toe into the water to gauge the potential of the category. But for the moment it’s most likely this is an exercise in protecting IP rather than a serious move by Honda.