Motorcycle Crash Pushes Femur Into Rider’s Scrotum (NSFW)

Reading that headline will no doubt make every human beings with XY chromsones to become tearful. Look at the pictures below though and you’ll probably turn into a sobbing mess. This accident is so horrible that even I, a horribly saracstic and insensitive human being can’t make light of this.

Here’s the report from the The New England Journal of Medicine:

A 33-year-old man was admitted to the emergency department after a motorcycle accident. Clinical examination of the intubated patient showed a hard, swollen, bluish scrotum and an externally rotated and slightly shortened left leg. Computed tomography (CT) of the pelvis revealed dislocation of the left hip and a three-part trochanteric fracture of the proximal left femur (Panel A, white arrow), with displacement of the femoral head and neck fragment into the scrotum (Panels A and B, yellow arrow). There were also fractures of the left anterior pelvic ring and acetabulum (Panels A and B, blue arrow) and open fractures of the right forearm and hand.

The femoral head and neck fragment was retrieved by means of a direct scrotal incision (Panel C), and the fractures were treated with open reduction and internal fixation (Panel D). The patient had no urologic sequelae. After 8 weeks of limited weight-bearing, the patient was able to walk with a cane. There was no evidence of avascular necrosis of the femoral head on the 3-month follow-up CT scan. At 14 months of follow-up, a CT scan showed vital bone structure and still no avascular necrosis of the femoral head, and the patient was able to walk freely without a cane.

Just in case you think gear would have prevented this – highly unlikely. The femur is regarded as the strongest bone in the body. An impact that not only snaps a femur but dislodges it in such a way is an accident that gear really isn’t going to do much about.

Motorcycle Crash Causes Femur to go into Scrotum (NSFW)

Feel Like a Motorcycle to the Face?

Track days are great fun, though as with any motorsport there’s always the risk of an incident. This video shows one of those very rare occasions, thankfully.

Filmed at the Pittsburgh International Complex (formally BeaveRun Motorsports Complex) on the 24 May, it shows a rider at a track day in an intermediate group, following a control rider in orange. Unfortunately, that control rider really wasn’t watching appropriately, as you can see from the footage.  Both riders received sustained non-life threatening injuries.