Ducati to Unveil Nine New Bikes at EICMA. Let the Speculation Begin!

A press release from Ducati today states that the Italian manufacturer will release nine new models at this years EICMA show in Milan in November. One of those will be the just announced Monster 1200 R, but the other eight are unknown at this point. But the most interesting thing about the announcement is that two of the bikes to be unveiled will be in segments Ducati currently does not have a presence in.

That means two brand new bikes and not just upgraded bikes like the Monster 1200 R will be released. And what about the other six bikes? We know that Ducati is working on a heavily reworked Diavel which will no doubt be shown in November. Could we see some love for the 848 Streetfighter or perhaps an S or R version of the 899 Panigale?

The other big possibility is a Ducati scooter. Parent company, the Volkswagen Group would no doubt love to see a volume selling commuter option from Ducati and there’s no doubt that if done right, it would become a huge brand winner for the company just like the Scrambler has been. A Ducati scooter has long been rumored and given that Ducati’s sales volume has continued to rise over the past few years, a scooter may just be what is needed to continue that momentum.

So, here’s our predictions/guesses/wild hopes for Ducati’s EICMA lineup – feel free to post your thoughts too.

  • Monster 1200 R
  • Ducati Scooter
  • Brand new Diavel
  • 899 Panigale S and/or R
  • Brand new Streetfighter
  • Larger or smaller capacity Scrambler

Here’s the full press release:

Ducati 2016: taking the market by storm
  • Nine new models for the Ducati 2016 range to be presented at EICMA 2015 (17-22 November, Rho/Milan)
  • New Monster 1200 R wins public and media acclaim after its unveiling at the Frankfurt IAA
  • Positive growth trend continues for the made-in-Bologna bike brand: before the end of the year the symbolic figure of 50,000 sales will be exceeded

Borgo Panigale (Bologna), 17 September 2015 – The first of a major series of new bikes that will join the Ducati 2016 range has been presented at the Frankfurt-held IAA (Internationale Automobil Ausstellung). The new Monster 1200 R, the most powerful supernaked ever built by Ducati, made its official debut at this prestigious international showcase where it was immediately given a warm welcome by the public and media alike.

With its 160 hp, a new, even sportier look and an array of components worthy of a real “superbike”, this latest Ducati is just the first in a long, exciting series of new models to join the “made in Bologna” 2016 range – a range that represents, beyond any shadow of doubt, the biggest, most decisive attack on the market ever to have been launched by Ducati.

The year 2016 will see continued growth at Ducati,” stated Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati Motor Holding, at the Frankfurt fair. “No less than nine new models, including the just-unveiled Monster 1200 R, will be joining the 2016 range. Never before has Ducati presented so many new bikes and EICMA will provide the perfect platform on which to show them to all to our enthusiastic customers.

Two of these will take us into segments in which we’re currently not present and this is going to be one of the greatest challenges of 2016: to extend the Ducati hallmarks of style and performance to motorcyclists who were – until now – beyond our reach.

Following a highly positive 2015, we look to the future with optimism and confidence. Given the results achieved during the first six months of the year, with 22% growth and 32,600 bikes delivered, we can already state that 2015 will see us attain another absolute record as we expect – for the very first time in our company’s history – to break through the symbolic barrier of 50,000 bikes sold before the end of the year.

Nevertheless, our main goal is not so much the pursuit of ever-greater volumes but, rather, to keep on surprising our customers with awe-inspiring bikes. The increase in sales is simply a consequence of just how incredibly well-received our products are – products that stem from implementing strategies that are in keeping with our identity, looking to new markets and taking on tough new challenges every day”.

Ducati Officially Unveils 2016 Monster 1200 R

As promised, Ducati has taken the covers off the new Monster 1200 R which is the most powerful naked bike Ducati has ever built. Compared to the Monster 1200 S engine, the twin-cylinder “R” version delivers 10% more power and 5.5% more torque. At 160 hp and 97 lb-ft, the Monster 1200 R takes the crown away from Ducati’s discontinued 1098 Streetfighter.

The Monster 1200 R’s Testastretta 11° Dual Spark engine is equipped with a new 2-1-2 exhaust system with 58 mm diameter pipes and redesigned twin silencers. Although their routing has not been changed, the exhaust pipes have a new cross-section with a diameter that’s been increased by 8 mm to boost engine efficiency which now breathes better thanks to a new throttle body. The original round design with 53mmdiameter bodies featured on the Monster 1200 has been replaced in the new version by a larger, oval section design with a 56mm equivalent diameter. A lower-height cylinder seal has made it possible to increase the compression ratio from 12.5:1 to 13:1, improving combustion efficiency.

It’s not all about horsepower however. The Monster 1200 R pretty much gets the best of everything possible including upgraded Öhlins suspension, Öhlins steering damper, a newly styled tail, forged wheels and various bits of carbon fibre. That reduces wet weight down to 207 kg from the standard Monster 1200’s 209kg.

The high-tech suspension system features new, fully adjustable dia. 48 mm titanium nitride-coated Öhlins forks with black-anodised bottoms and bodies and a fully adjustable Öhlins rear shock. Operating through a progressive linkage, the rear suspension attaches directly from the rear vertical cylinder to the die-cast aluminium single-sided swingarm at the opposite end. The Öhlins suspension package is completed by the adjustable steering damper that controls handlebar movement under heavy acceleration and enhances the sports inspiration of the instrument panel view.

The appearance of the bike is changed slightly, with the revised tail section creating an increased gap between the tyre and seat assembly, making the rear look more streamlined, further enhanced by the new design of the high-mounted aluminium plate holder, fully exposing the 200/55 rear tyre; both the rear and the front tyres are mounted on 3-spoke, Panigale R-inspired forged wheels.

The Monster 1200 R is also equipped with the Ducati Safety Pack including the ABS and Ducati Traction Control systems to enhance vehicle performance, optimise control and improve overall riding safety and also provides three riding modes – sport, touring and urban.

No word on pricing yet but expect a decent premium over the current top of the range Monster 1200 S Stripe.


Ducati Monster 821 Stripe and Monster 1200 S Stripe Released

Though announced last year it’s only now that both the Monster 821 Stripe and Monster 1200 S Stripe are being released. For those unfamiliar with the Stripe family, it refers to special editions above the standard Monster range. Both the 821 get a host of visual and mechanical upgrades to differentiate them from the standard Monster range.

Visually, the Monster 1200 S Stripe gets double white side-stripes on the mudguard, tank, and passenger seat cover, plus a red frame and black wheels. Also, the Monster 1200 S Stripe comes fitted with a red micro-fairing with windshield, carbon fibre belt covers, and a Ducati Performance undertail plate holder machined from solid aluminium.

Powered by an 1198 cm³ Testastretta 11° DS engine with a maximum output of 145 hp at 8,750 rpm, the bike features a Trellis frame attached to the cylinder heads, and a single-sided swingarm. The suspension set-up consists of 48 mm Öhlins forks and a fully adjustable Öhlins shock while the front braking system has a Brembo set-up with 330 mm discs and Brembo M50 callipers.

The Monster 1200 S Stripe features TFT instrumentation and Riding Modes, as well as the Ducati Safety Pack with three-level ABS and eight-level DTC (Ducati Traction Control). The bike also includes wheels with a Y-shape spoke design, LED indicators, a front carbon mudguard, and a height-adjustable seat.

Likewise, the Monster 821 Stripe also sports the exclusive red colour scheme with double white side-stripes on the mudguard, tank and passenger seat cover, plus the red frame and black wheels. Its 821 cm³ Testastretta 11° engine provides a maximum power of 112 hp at 9,250 rpm, while the Trellis frame is attached to the cylinder heads. The suspension consists of 43 mm Kayaba forks up front – fully adjustable on the Stripe version – and a Sachs unit at the rear, adjustable in spring preload and rebound damping, which employs a progressive pull-rod linkage attached to the vertical cylinder on one side and the double-sided cast aluminium swingarm on the other. Shorter than that of the Monster 1200, the double-sided swingarm on the Monster 821 provides enhanced agility with precise handling for optimum riding pleasure.

The Monster 821 Stripe also features LCD instrumentation and Riding Modes, as well as the Ducati Safety Pack, which lets riders choose from three different ABS sensitivity levels and eight different DTC (Ducati Traction Control) levels. The seat is height-adjustable and, last but not least, the Monster 821 Stripe also sports a red micro-fairing with windshield.