Polaris Trademarks Name ‘Victory Charger’

Just weeks after announcing that it had purchased the electric motorcycle division of Brammo (makers of the Empulse and Enertia), Polaris have lodged a trademark application for the name ‘Victory Charger’. The application goes on to mention that the name would be associated with an electric motorcycle (or parts thereof).

Polaris owns both Victory and Indian Motorcycles, but since purchasing Indian back in 2011, the Victory lineup has been quite neglected. As it currently stands, Victory sells 10 models that are all based on the same platform and which all use the same 1731cc V-Twin. No truly new models have come out for years.

We’re not entirely convinced of the viability of an electric cruiser which would be the likely outcome should Victory release an electric powered bike. While Harley-Davidson stole headlines with its Project Livewire concept, they weren’t silly enough to try and attract electric motorcycle fans with a cruiser, instead opting for a far more sporty (un-Harley-Davidson) machine. Perhaps we’re being a bit prejudiced but we’d expect cruiser fans to be the last of all demographics to embrace electric power.

Polaris however does like to push into new markets, the three wheeled Slingshot being a perfect example of Polaris being happy to mix things up. Upon its purchase of Brammo’s bike division, Polaris indicated that they would aim to begin production of electric bikes at their Spirit Lake, Iowa facility from the second half of 2015 though we expect this may be to produce Empulse’s and Enetria’s, rather than brand new machines.

Polaris Trademarks Name 'Victory Charger'

Brammo Seek Capital Raising – Preview an Electric Cruiser

Electric motorcycle manufacturer Brammo is looking to raise funds to further fuel its expansion, seeking investors on the venture capital website EarlyShares. While most of the details of the capital raising are for investors eyes only, it has been leaked that Brammo is looking at the possibility of manufacturing an electric cruiser in a similar vein to Harley-Davidson’s Electric Livewire concept.

Dubbed the eCruiser (no points there for innovative naming), it currently looks like a cross between the Harley-Davidson Livewire and an MV Augusta Dragster. Obviously this single render is hardly indicative of what the bike would actually look like (if it’s ever built) but it’s great to see the market for electric bikes is beginning to cover all styles and tastes.

Brammo recently slashed the price on its range. The Brammo Empulse can now be purchased for $10,000, a massive $7,000 discount. This years model receives a discount of $5,000 (down to $14,000). Ironically, these reduced prices are to do with Brammo’s IPO, as they are seeking volume before going public.

For those interested in investing in Brammo, the minimum amount you’ll need to pay is a cool $25,000, or two and a half 2013 model Empulse’s.