AUS | Harley-Davidson Street 500 Pricing Announced

While the entry level Hardley-Davidson Street 500 has been available in the US for a number of months now, the LAMS approved model still won’t hit the shores of Australia and New Zealand until February 2015, but we now at least know the pricing for the critical new model.

Pricing for the HD Street 500 is $9,995 rideaway including GST, which makes it the cheapest model in Hardley-Davdison’s Australian lineup by almost $5,000. It will retail for $10,995 in New Zealand.

Here’s the blurb from HD on the new Street 500:

The all-new liquid-cooled Revolution X™ engine that powers the genuine Harley-Davidson® V-Twin built to thrive in high temperatures and heavy traffic. Liquid-cooling helps maintain temperature and performance as the sixty degree cylinders and 4 valves per head offer plenty of low-end torque. You don’t have to be winding the RPMs up to five figures to feel the strength and character of this engine. It’s built to give you a soul-satisfying ride at the kind of RPMs you find yourself riding at on city streets.

A smooth-shifting 6 speed transmission makes it easy to stay in the powerband when traffic is stop-and-go. And when the road opens up, sixth gear lets you drop the engine into a comfortable ride at highway speeds.

A seat height of just 709 cm and a narrow frame and seat gives riders an easy reach to the ground. The advantages of a low seat are a low centre of gravity, which combined with the motorcycle’s 206 kg weight gives confidence when negotiating busy urban roads or riding slowly.

Slightly forward mid-mount foot controls provide a riding position that is not only comfortable, but provide manoeuvrability and confidence. The mid-mount controls also keep the ground in easy reach when it’s time to stop. The rake and trail angles on the front end are also optimized for low speed manoeuvrability and the dual piston calipers give rapid stopping power.

And the look? This latest addition to the Dark Custom line of Motorcycles is sure to get the nod of approval in front of any crowded rider hang out in the world. Raw, stripped-down, blacked-out aggression, this is premium Harley-Davidson. Symbolised by the classic Bar & Shield badge on the tank which signifies one thing: This is the real steel. Iconic sound, premium fit and finish, a blank canvas truly ready for customisation. From the deep, rumble coming from the upswept pupes, to the rich thick paint on the metal teardrop tank, the new Harley-Davidson Street™ 500 Motorcycle is true Harley-Davidson, opening up our world to a whole new generation of new riders.