KTM Unveils Their 2017 Range of Enduro Machines

Another 12 months, another round of off-road motorcycle upgrades. Despite only being five months into 2016, KTM is kicking things of first with their range of enduro machines. It’s a big range of updates too with KTM claiming a massive 90 per cent of the 2017 range’s components being brand new. Notable weight reductions of up to five kilograms have been realized throughout the model range, with improved mass centralization resulting in increased performance and better handling.

For MY2017 the line-up has been changed to include the 125 XC-W and 150 XC-W (replacing the 125 and 200 EXC), which are specifically designed for closed course racing, as well as the more traditional, fully homologated powerhouses with the 250 EXC and 300 EXC in the 2-stroke range. In the 4-stroke range KTM continues with its completely updated versions of the 250 EXC-F, 350 EXC-F models, as well as modifying the name of the higher capacity models to fall in line with the typical 4-stroke name to 450 EXC-F and 500 EXC-F.

Not only does each machine receive a new chassis with new suspension including the WP XPlor 48 upside-down split fork by WP, the R&D team in Mattighofen, Austria combined with its network of test riders, factory racing teams and input from KTM North America R&D, has worked tirelessly to deliver new engines at the same time with improved performance, reduced weight and a more compact size to assist with better machine handling.

KTM-MY17-EXC-06 KTM-MY17-EXC-04 KTM-MY17-EXC-01-2

With refinements from the frame and bodywork, down to the smaller details in the dashboard of these READY TO RACE machines, KTM has utilized the latest technology to consider every improvement possible for the amateur rider right up-to the professional world championship racer.

Following a tried and tested tradition, the specially finished SIX DAYS models stand side by side with the legendary, new generation EXC bikes. Available as 2- and 4-stroke bikes and equipped with several performance-enhancing and useful technical parts, the new “Six Days Spain” bikes, designed with sophisticated special graphics, top the latest KTM EXC model range.

Joachim Sauer (KTM Offroad Product Manager): “As the saying goes, after the race is before the race. According to our understanding in state-of-the-art development, the brand new line-up of our offroad competition Enduros are proof of KTM`s ongoing commitment to our core discipline. We believe this Endurosportmotorcycle range will push the excitement and satisfaction of any rider to a new level.”


KTM Confirms new Parallel Twin Platform on the Way

KTM has published its annual financial report today for the 2015 year, and among the various bits of financial information (which shows that KTM is in a very healthy position) is some minor news on upcoming product releases for what it describes as a ‘revolutionary 2-cylinder engine design’.

We know that at a minimum, this new parallel twin will feature in the upcoming 800 Duke which has been spotted testing at various times over the past few months. KTM states that this new platform will ‘make a substantial contribution toward opening up new market segments’. That might possibly mean that we’ll see more than one new bike featuring the new engine – such as both smaller and larger displacement bikes.

Also in the report was confirmation that the wonderful Husqvarna Svartpilen and Vitpilen concepts are heading into production – though that was pretty much a given anyway. Unfortunately, they’re still some time off and won’t be on the market until 2017. Hopefully we’ll see production versions at the end of the year at least at the various motorcycle shows.

The report further elaborates that, “The upcoming segment-redefining Vitpilen and Svartpilen production models will set Husqvarna Motorcycles on a blazing trajectory to become Europe’s third-largest motorcycle producer – with the aim of doing so by 2020”.

2016 KTM Super Duke GT is a Tourer for the Extroverted

Seen before in camouflage, the brand new 2016 KTM Super Duke GT is not for those don’t like to draw attention to themselves. If you thought the 1290 Super Adventure looked big, the Super Duke GT seems larger again. But don’t let those looks deceive you – as far as touring motorcycles go this is actually one of the lightest around – and it has a hell of an engine to boot.

Using the same engine as the fire breathing naked it’s derived from, the Super Duke GT produces 127 kW (173 hp) @ 9,500 rpm and 144 Nm @ 6,750 rpm. Comparing the two bikes, KTM has set about to improve low to mid range response of the bike, providing peak torque at slightly slower engine speed. Not that we’d argue the Super Duke R was ever lacking in low end grunt.

KTM hasn’t skimped on the goodies with this bike either, taking pretty much the full suite of electronic aids from the 1290 Super Adventure. Stability control, lean angle sensitive traction control, riding modes, engine modes, cornering modes, cornering LEDs, cruise control, heated grips, quickshifter, semi-active suspension and a dish washing machine.

In effect, it’s perhaps better to compare the Super Duke GT with the Super Adventure – they virtually share all the bells and whistles, but the Super Duke GT is obviously designed for asphalt only. And like the Super Adventure, you can hardly miss it. And like it’s ‘off-road’ brother, the Super Duke GT may be content just plodding along, but with only a twist of the wrist away from being nine-tenths of a superbike – just with luggage.

The KTM Super Duke GT will be available in a wide choice of colors, which consist of grey, or grey with a bit more orange.

KTM Debuts Their 2017 MotoGP Bike, the RC16

KTM is coming to MotoGP in 2017 and today they gave the first glimpse (publicly at least) of their entry into the premier class of motorcycle racing, the KTM RC16. These pictures are courtesy of Heinz Kinigadner, KTM’s sporting director who posted them on his Facebook page.

There are two things of note about the bike – both relating to Honda. First is the appearance which in many respects resembles Honda’s current MotoGP entrant, the RC213V. Of course, there’s not a great deal of differentiation one can have with sportsbikes but the front air intake and the swingarm are eerily similar.

The other interesting thing to note is the prominence of Red Bull sponsorship. Of course, Red Bull is involved in just about any sport with even a hint of risk, but what is interesting is that this season, Red Bull’s sponsorship of the factory Repsol Honda team has become more and more prominent. Perhaps come 2017, we’ll have a KTM backed Red Bull MotoGP team to sit alongside their Formula 1 efforts.

The KTM RC16 will use a V4 engine and is designed around a steel trellis frame. KTM plans to release consumer versions of the RC16 for track use only come 2017 as well.


This the KTM 1290 Super Duke GT

American magazine CycleNews has shown off the all new KTM 1290 Super Duke GT – a sport touring bike based on the brilliant 1290 Super Duke. The bike is still in prototype form as can be seen from the camouflage livery it still sports but there’s nothing major to change on the bike before it goes into production.

For the full story, you can access Cyclenews’ online magazine here and it’s full of great information, but highlights from the article include:

  • It will be officially unveiled at EICMA in November before hitting dealerships in around April 2016.
  • Fairing is mounted to the frame, larger tank capacity of 6.5 gallons and designed to accommodate luggage.
  • Height adjustable windshield with 5.5 inch range of travel
  • Stronger rear subframe
  • Will feature many of the 1290 Super Adventure’s goodies, including LED running lights and cornering lights as well as semi-active WP suspension.

But perhaps most  surprising news of all is that the new Super Duke GT will actually be more powerful than the Super Duke R. While KTM hasn’t specifically given away figures yet, they have stated it will have north of 180 bhp along with providing more mid-range power and torque.

The Super Duke GT will be yet another bike in the now incredibly competitive sport adventure/touring market that has seen Ducati, BMW and Aprilia all try and one-up each other over just the past year. And the great thing is, it’s the riders who keep reaping the benefits.

Husqvarna 701 Supermoto and 701 Enduro to be Released Simultaneously

We’ve received confirmation that both the Husqvarna 701 Supermoto and its knobby tired brother, the 701 Enduro will both be released at the same time. That means in November across Europe and Australia and in February in North America. And yes, both bikes will find their way to the US and Canada.

This has been confirmed to us by a number of dealerships around the world where Husqvarna has been doing product previews and demonstrations with sales staff in preparation for the upcoming release. We’re also hearing some additional information that might answer a puzzling question about these upcoming Husqvarna releases.

That question is why is Husqvarna making such a big deal about the 701 Supermoto (and no doubt the enduro version when it’s released) when they’re both pretty similar (if not identical) to the KTM 690 SMC R and KTM 690 Enduro R? Well, some – but not all – of the dealerships that we’ve spoken to say that those two models won’t be released in 2016 by KTM – effectively leaving the bikes as Husqvarna exclusive models.

That would make sense as there isn’t a big enough a market for the two companies to cannibalise each others sales. It also gives the two brands greater differentiation as they continue to branch off in direct ways.

Both the Husqvarna 701 Supermoto and Enduro will feature a 690cc thumper producing 67bhp, ABS brakes, WP suspension and multiple engine modes. The supermoto features a slipper clutch which is something we’d assume is deleted for the enduro model, along with slightly modified suspension and geometry.

Husqvarna 701 Supermoto


More Pictures of KTM 1290 SM-T Surface

KTM’s new model onslaught is set to continue later this year with further images of a 1290 Super Duke R derived model caught in Italy. Currently known as the SM-T, this new model provides the power of the naked Super Duke with a more comfortable an upright riding position and has no off road aspirations like the 1290 Super Adventure.

The 1290 Super Duke R was probably the model that really showed the world how serious the Austrian company was when it come to attacking the street sector. And while the 1290 Super Adventure uses the Super Duke’s engine, it is slightly detuned and the bike itself is a far cry from the road focused naked. The SM-T therefore aims to sit in the middle of the two – expect it to have all the power of Super Duke R but with a slightly tamer riding position and no doubt some luggage options too.

The SM-T will also get all the latest electronic goodies that the Super Adventure has – cornering ABS, multiple stage traction control and engine maps as well as the possibility of semi-active suspension. With BMW really beginning to throw the gauntlet down in the sector it will be very interesting to see the final product from KTM. From the photos of the bike we’d hazard a guess that it’s nearing completion and will be shown in a few months time at EICMA.

Source: Insella


KTM 2016 ISDE Special Editions

Each year KTM competes in (and usually quite successfully) the International Six Day Enduro event, or ISDE. And each year KTM commemorates the event with a range of special edition motorcycles. These aren’t just some pretty stickers slapped on, the ISDE upgrades focus on performance as well as aesthetics.

For the last few years, ISDE editions have focused mainly KMT’s off road only offerings but this year KTM is also giving the ISDE treatment to the KTM 500 EXC which is a 510 cc dual sport – effectively a purpose built enduro bike that you can legally ride on the street. Also on the receiving end of updates is the 300 XC-W two-stroke and 350 XCF-W four stroke.

All three models get closed-cartridge 4CS forks, modified valving, a lighter aluminium rear sprocket, a Camel seat which is said to be more comfortable as well as a solid rear brake rotor for minimised pad wear. Visual changes to all three include orange radiator shrouds, orange chain guide and ‘Six Days’ graphics.

Both the 350XCF-W and 500 EXC get a radiator fan while the 300 XC-W is fitted with a carbon fibre pipe guard and charcoal grey coloured silencer.

All models are available for ordering now and will be available worldwide.