Build Your Own Motorcycle With a Kit from Moto8ight

It’s probably the logical next step given how popular custom bikes have become and that is to build a motorcycle of your own entirely from scratch. We have kit homes and kit cars, now new startup Moto8ight is offering people that are handy with tools the opportunity to build their own motorcycle – and specifically one based on the Suzuki GSX series.

Jack Chin is the founder of Moto8ight and wanted to start the project so that people who just weren’t confident enough to build their own bike without at least some guidance could do so. Once for sale, the kit will provide a frame, fuel tank, rear sub-frame, seat, engine mounts and other bits and pieces of hardware. That means you’ll still have to provide your own engine, brakes, wheels and suspension.

Engines that the frame will support out without modification will be the 988-1992 GSX-R 750cc/1100cc, 1995-2004 Bandit GSF 600cc/1200cc and1988-2004 Katana GSX 600cc/750cc – all oil-cooled motors.

That will still leave a lot of room for customising the bike – and still a very steep learning curve for someone that has never pulled apart a bike – let alone put one back together. But’s a start, and the ability to buy a brand new frame that doesn’t feature and cracks or bends that are sometimes difficult to spot is a big plus. The company intends to provide a vast array of video and written tutorials to help anyone with the build and Chin believes a fairly competent person could finish their build in the space of a few weekends.

For the US market the frames will have VINs so they can be road registered – it will be interesting to see what options might become available for international buyers. No wording on a final price or release just yet, but expect everything to be finalised by the end of the year.

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