Baby GSX-R Spotted in the Wild, A GSX-R300?

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize that Suzuki has a gaping hole in their lineup currently with no entry level sportsbike on the market. It’s been rumored for a while that a small capacity GSX-R250 or GSX-R300 would be coming out and yet nothing was to be seen at the latest round of motorcycle shows. But it seems Suzuki wasn’t keen on jumping on the hype train as photos of finished production models have now been taken.

Suzuk GSX-R300 001

Other than showing what is a small capacity sportsbike, there’s no further information. The only tell tale signs are the smaller tires and the single disc brake at the front of the bike. Given where the market is moving we’d be highly surprised if it wasn’t a twin cylinder engine, but if the bike is only targeted at developing markets than a thumper isn’t out of the question.

Generally however, even entry level sportsbikes are considered mid range to premium in developing markets and therefore such models need to be sold to western customers in order to recoup development costs. Thus, we’d sincerely hope for a 300cc twin. As to when this bike will be officially unveiled, we’ll most likely get official confirmation in a few weeks when the majority of the press comes back from holiday.