Could Graphene be Used to Make Motorcycle Tyres Grip Better in Corners?

Graphene has been touted as the now wonder material for many years and we’re now seeing more and more use of it in consumer applications. One such new use has been introduced by Vittoria, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bicycle tires. The new technique introduced will supposedly enable the creation of tyres that maximise all areas – speed, grip and durability. Think of it is a tyre that’s a jack of all trades, but master of them all too.

How much this is marketing jargon and how much is true remains to be seen – but if even half of what they’re saying is accurate it will start a revolution in bicycle tyres. According to Vittoria, their G+ tyres are lighter than comparable tyres, are stiffer when riding upright (and hence have lower rolling resistance) but when leaned over in turns or braking, become softer for better traction.



Could we see such a technology in motorcycle tyres? It would seem an obvious step in the evolution of performance tyres, plus with reduced rolling resistance fuel economy is improved as well. However, despite being fitted to two wheel machines, bike and motorcycle tyres require vastly different technologies, with motorcycle tyres undergoing far greater stresses than even the toughest competition bikes.

Nevertheless, a motorcycle tyre that effectively improves its grip levels when in the corners would be an amazing achievement and one that hopefully will come to fruition.

Source: Popular Mechanics