Watch Guy Martin Take on David Coulthard at Silverstone

Yes, bike versus car comparisons are pretty boring and stupid – both machines have their advantages and disadvantages on the track that we’ve known about forever and a day. And yet, there’s always something special about seeing anything go up against a Formula 1 car – especially one from the V8 era. It’s hardly a fair fight, especially when it’s only a slightly worked BMW S 1000 RR against a multi-million dollar machine, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

This event is part of an episode of Speed on the UK’s Channel 4 and features host Guy Martin with David Coulthard.  On first first glance the pair seem like polar opposites – Martin is as usual happy, jovial and difficult to understand while the Scottish Coulthard is dry and more reserved – but they’re both top racers who never quite really made it to the pinnacle of their respective fields. They are both however wonderful brand ambassadors and it’s always great so see them in their element.

The comparison as is par for the course with these things pretty convoluted – the S 1000 RR only had to complete three laps while the F1 car has to do four. And while you can probably still guess the outcome with that handicap, it’s nevertheless impressive to see a fairly stock motorcycle beat an F1 car off the line convincingly.

The circuit comparison is above but if you’re in the UK, you can watch the whole episode here.