Saietta NGS Is the Most Radical Electric Superbike Yet

Generally speaking, electric superbikes are fairly out there. While Zero and Brammo (now absorbed by Victory) offer mainstream electric options, companies such as Lightning Motorcycles and Energica dial the crazy up a notch to showcase the technology that electric superbikes can offer. And then there’s the Saietta NGS.

While Saietta might sound Italian (it means Thunderbolt in Italy), it’s actually a British firm that’s located in Oxfordshire and one that has long history of developing electric motors and batteries. They’ve stated that with the NGS, they set out to reinvent the electric motorcycle – looking at it you can’t really argue with that. It’s radically different from anything else out there and is actually expected to go on sale within 12 months.

NGS boasts a number of technology firsts including a revolutionary new electric motor, an innovative lightweight and immensely strong structural monocoque, industry-leading battery capacity and range and 3D printing of the body. More specifically, some of those innovations include a load bearing carbon fiber battery compartment and double-wishbone front suspension.

NGS will undergo rigorous engineering testing throughout 2016 including taking part in an extensive race program. First customer bikes will be delivered before the end of 2017 as part of a limited edition of up to 100 bikes priced around £50,000. While what we see here is a prototype and a number of changes will occur before final production, the overall aesthetic will remain.

And while obviously a 100 bikes priced at £50,000 each isn’t going to revolutionize the motorcycle industry, projects like this continue to pave the way for a future where electric motorcycles become commonplace.

Energica and Chargepoint Team up at CES

The Annual Consumer Electronic show in Las Vegas isn’t usually where you’d expect to find motorcycles, but with the continuing growth of electric bikes that fact has changed in recent years. Italian company Energica who produce the Energica Evo and the soon to be released naked Eva, are at CES this year with Chargepoint, the company behind the largest EV charging network in the world.

The reason for the presence is that Energica is teaming up with Chargepoint to provide all owners of their motorcycles with the ability to use the Chargepoint network. All buyers of new Ego or Eva bikes receive a membership to Chargepoint, allowing them to use any of the 20,000 fast charging stations in the US which provide enough energy to get you underway again in 60 minutes.

The Energica Ego and Eva are both marketed as electric superbikes, being able to hit 100 kph (around 62mph) in less than 3 seconds onto a limited top speed of 240 kph. The Eva will be mechanically the same, save for the lack of bodywork but no release date or pricing has yet been announced.