Victory Empulse TT Unveiled

Not long after competing at the Isle of Man TT, Victory has unveiled their first electric motorcycle, the Victory Empulse TT. We knew that an electric motorcycle was on the way from Victory after Polaris acquired Brammo’s electric motorcycle business earlier this year, but it’s come unexpectedly early. And it’s final confirmation of a big change in Victory’s direction as a motorcycle manufacturer.

While the bike is based on Brammo’s Empulse, Victory hasn’t just rebadged the machine. Both the rear shock and front upside down forks are fully adjustable and dual front disc brake are standard. Victory engineers also worked on improving the Empluse’s battery capacity, display function, and handling. There’s been subtle updates to the bikes style, too.

The Victory Empulse TT is capable of top speeds of over 100 mph, and it has a high-capacity 10.4kWh battery. The bike has a built-in battery charger and an easily accessible SAE J1772 plug atop the bodywork in front of the seat. The bike’s Brammo Power Lithium Ion battery fully charges in just 3.9 hours using a Stage 2 charger (available as an accessory utilizing a 240V outlet).

In typical riding, the Empulse TT battery provides a rider with a range of about 65 miles (104 km), and a range of 100 miles (161 km) is possible with throttle management and use of the bike’s regenerative charging. In preliminary testing, the bike demonstrated a Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) city range of 94 miles (151 km). The bike delivered an MIC “combined 70 mph highway and city range” of 57 miles (92 km).

The Victory Empulse TT retains a manual gearbox which is a unique in comparison to most other fully automatic electric bikes. The rider only needs to use the clutch when shifting between gears, not for taking off or coming to a stop. When coming to a stop, a rider can leave the bike in gear, or choose to click the shifter down (without pulling in the clutch) to put the bike in neutral. That said, there’s enough torque in this engine that riders can virtually leave the bike in third gear most of the time.

At this stage, the Victory Empulse TT is only confirmed for sale in the US where it will be available before the end of the year. We understand however that is being considered by Victory both in Australia and the UK.