Indian Unveils ‘The Redeemer’ a Custom Chieftain Dark Horse

Just a 48 hours after announcing the release of the their new Chieftain Dark Horse, Indian Motorcycles has today unveiled a custom build of their new machine called ‘The Redeemer’. It has been developed by Hollister Powersports in California and is designed to show off the customisability of the new bike – something the bean counters at cruiser manufacturers love.

“When I saw the bike, I knew right away that it had a ton of potential to customize,” says Rey Sotelo, General Manager of Hollister Powersports. “We were inspired by the history of Hollister and how this great American town is coming back from an unfair bad reputation. We stayed with the matte black theme and used as many Authentic Indian Motorcycle accessories as we could because we wanted the weekend mechanic to be able to recreate something as badass as our custom. Radical customs certainly draw the eye – but we wanted to keep the bike rideable every day.”

“We wanted to put a 21-inch wheel on it so we chose an option from RC Components,” Sotelo continued. “We liked the aluminum accents on RC’s Raider Eclipse wheel, and knew it would tie in with the paint job and the brushed finish on the motor.”

Hollister trimmed the stock fender to reveal more of the custom wheel and lighten the overall look of the bike. The fender skirts were cut back and the caliper covers were removed, dramatically changing the front profile of the motorcycle. The fairing is stock, but painted with speed scallops that tie in with the front fender, tank, side panels and saddlebags. The scallops are painted on the rear fender as well, so even if the saddlebags are pulled off the speed scallops theme still plays throughout the bike.

“We installed the 14-inch accessory Indian Motorcycle Ape-Hangers, but painted them matte black,” Sotelo says. “The kit includes a longer clutch cable, and the brake cable and wiring are long enough so no modifications are needed, which makes it really easy for the weekend mechanic to install.”

The engine jugs remain as they did when they left the factory, but Hollister put a little matte paint on the otherwise gloss side covers and added highlighting to the ‘Indian’ script on the air-cleaner in matte silver to stand out.

Out back, a pair of turn signals were incorporated into the saddlebags to further visually lighten the bike. “We played with different lights, but we just really liked the look of these,” Sotelo says, “so we frenched them into the bags and matted the taillight out.” The saddlebags also received 100-watt Authentic Indian Motorcycle speakers to boost output of the already powerful audio system.

Finally, sticking out from beneath the saddlebags, a blacked out Indian Motorcycle Stage 1 slip-on exhaust with brushed billet tips was installed to offer a snappier throttle response and more bark to the already potent Thunder Stroke 111 engine.

HPS050916_21 (Large) HPS050916_08 (Large) HPSDH_231 (Large) HPSDH_105 (Large) HPSDH_087 (Large)

Indian Motorcycles Trademarks ‘Springfield’ Moniker

Not long after the announcement and release of the Indian Dark Horse,  American Environmental Protection Agency documents list the Indian Springfield alongside existing motorcycles that will be sold by Polaris in 2016.

The Indian Dark Horse was discovered in the same way, but unlike that model which then was officially announced soon after, it’s likely the Indian Springfield will be officially confirmed later this year when the 2016 season approaches.

The EPA documents don’t reveal too much, other than the Indian Springfield will use the same 1,811 cc V-Twin engine as used on the Chieftain, Roadmaster and Dark Horse. Like the Dark Horse, it’s quite possible the Springfield will be a single seat model as it was when it was last on sale around mid-2000.

The Springfield name references the location of the first Indian factory in Springfield, Massachusetts where it produced motorcycles from 1901 to 1953.

2003 Indian Spirit Springfield

The 2003 Indian Spirit Springfield



Indian Chief Dark Horse – Cheap(er) and Light(er)

Indian Motorcycles has now officially unveiled the resurrected Indian Chief Dark Horse and in addition photos of the new machine they’ve released full specifications of the bike, pricing and a release date of later this month. That’s great news for Indian fans as it was expected this machine wouldn’t be seen in dealers until later this year.

Obviously the distinguishing feature for the Dark Horse is its matte black paint scheme. Other changes from the donor bike are that there’s no oil cooler, no analogue fuel gauge, passenger seat or driving lights. Those missing items have helped Indian motorcycles reduce the price to $16,999, making it the cheapest bike in the Indian Chief range.

Those changes from the Indian Chief Classic also see total weight drop by 27 pounds compared to its more expensive brother. While it means the Dark Horse is lighter, it’s still not light, weighing 341 kg without fuel or other liquids.

The Indian Chief Dark Horse still uses the same Thunder Stroke 111 engine, chassis and suspension of the Indian Chief Classic and it also retains ABS, a remote key fob for keyless ignition, electronic cruise control, and features a two-year unlimited mileage factory warranty. A passenger seat plus either passenger foot-pegs or floor boards are available as part of the Genuine Indian Motorcycle Accessory line-up for those who want to ride two-up.

The 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse will be available in dealers starting mid-February and will be a featured demo bike at the annual Daytona Bike Week from March 7th – 14th. Canadian pricing was also announced at $19,799 with a release in March.


News Round-Up – Indian Chief Dark Horse Pictures, Yamaha VMAX Carbon Announced, Speed and Strength Release 2015 Range

Pictures of new Indian Chief Dark Horse Leaked

As previously reported, Indian Motorcycles is about to release a cosmetically new model this week, the Indian Chief Dark Horse. Photos have leaked ahead of its official debut, though there’s not any real surprises as to its appearance (it was going to be all black, after all).

The Dark Horse is a variant of the Chief Classic and is visually much the same save for the all matt black paint scheme plus a new single seat. Other features on the Dark Horse will include standard ABS and a keyless ignition system. Those in Chicago have the opportunity to see the bike in the metal this Friday.


Yamaha VMAX Carbon Released

Keeping with the black theme, Yamaha has announced a special 30th anniversary edition of the venerable VMAX dragster with carbon fiber fairings and an Akrapovic slip-on muffler.

Retaining the same 1,679cc 200PS V4 engine as the standard VMAX, the special 30th anniversary edition features a carbon fiber tank cover, front and rear fenders and side covers. As with the base model, the VMAX Carbon also has an aluminium diamond-type twin spar frame, dual 320mm front discs with radial 6-pot calipers, large diameter 298mm rear disc and shaft drive.

Currently the VMAX Carbon has only been announced for Europe with pricing starting at £18,749.00.


Speed and Strength Unveil 2015 Range

Budget brand Speed and Strength has released their 2015 range, which you can view here in an annoying online catalog form. Speed and Strength have always marketed themselves more towards squiddy type riders, albeit ones who like to have some protection while doing stunts on their bike.

And although their gear is definitely cheaper than the likes of Alpinestars and Dainese, a quick glance at reviews on Revzilla indicate that most people are generally happy with what they pay for.

Speed and Strength 2015 Range


News Round-Up – Royal Enfield Outsells H-D, Indian Confirms Dark Horse, Schuberth 2015 C3 Pro Helmet Graphics

Royal Enfield Sells More Motorcycles Than Harley-Davidson in 2014

Indian owned motorcycle company Royal Enfield has had a huge year, so huge in fact that they’re now outselling Harley-Davidson – not a small achivement. In 2014, Royal Enfield sold 302,591 motorcycles, up a massive 70 per cent from the previous year (178,121). By comparison, American as apple pie Harley-Davidson managed to sell 267,999 bikes.

Royal Enfield are huge in their home nation of India where their bikes sell for the equivalent of between $1,500 and $2,500 – not a bad price in a market that is home to one of the world’s largest (and growing) middle class of consumers – estimated to be some 250 million people strong.

And while Royal Enfield has a somewhat negative reputation for reliability, the company is quickly modernizing. All its motorcycles now feature fuel injection and they’ve stolen a huge amount of engineers from larger motorcycle companies with the aim of boosting reliability and rideability. And we’ve got to say, the Continental GT is one sweet looking machine.

Royal Enfield Continental GT

Indian Motorcycles Confirms Dark Horse

We mentioned just a few days ago that it was likely that Indian Motorcycles was looking to resurrect the Dark Horse name and today we have official confirmation of that. As part of the launch of their first ‘new’ model for 2015, the company has instigated the ‘Dark Horse Challenge Ride’.

A five mile ride will happen through central Chicago and will be lead by a group of brand new Indian Chief Dark Horse motorcycles. At the end of the ride, riders will be able to get up close and personal with the new machines. Indian Motorcycles however still hasn’t divulged details of a release date or even pricing on the new machines.

For those who don’t join the ride, Chicago motorcycle enthusiasts are also invited to get up close and personal with the all-new Dark Horse by visiting Indian Motorcycle’s exhibit at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show, which kicks off Friday, February 13 at 1 p.m. and runs through Sunday at 5 p.m. The new 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse will be formally unveiled at 5:30 p.m. on Friday at the Indian Motorcycle display area

Schuberth 2015 C3 Pro Helmet Graphics

Schuberth has added new options to the popular C3 Pro flip-up helmet with the introduction of the “Classic” and “Dark Classic” graphics. The traditionally-styled designs come in seven color combinations for the C3 Pro and two combinations for the C3 Pro Women.

The C3 Pro Classic is available in Blue, Red or Silver, while the C3 Pro Dark Classic is offered in Red, Blue, Silver or Orange variations. The C3 Pro Women is now offered in Classic Red and Classic Silver. For two-up riders or travel partners that want matching helmets, the C3 Pro and C3 Pro Women are both offered in matching Classic Silver and Classic Red finishes.

Thanks to advanced engineering and technology, the C3 Pro is one of the world’s quietest, lightest flip-up helmet, weighing in at only 1,650 grams. Externally, wind tunnel-tested aerodynamics include a molded rear spoiler to ensure a smooth ride, even at high speeds. Internally, each C3 Pro comes equipped with an internal antenna that allows riders to utilize the Bluetooth® SRC-System for seamless pairing with intercom, phone, MP3 player and GPS.

Recommended retail price is $829

Schuberth S3 2015 Colors

2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse Uncovered

Documents filed with the California Air Resource Board show that Polaris owned Indian Motorcycles is looking to reintroduce the Indian Chief Dark Horse either later this year or early in 2016. The Dark Horse was a derivative of the still available Indian Chief and was sold from 2010 to 2013.

The document reveals that the 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse will use the same 1811cc V-twin engine as currently employed by both the current Indian Chief, Chieftain and Roadmaster. Weight however is indicated to be reduced by 10 kg over the standard Chief – a reduction that may well be across the model range should an update occur later this year.

Expect an announcement later this year.

2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse Uncovered