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Every week (should the planets align) we search the intermanets to find the best deals on motorcycle clothing, gear, equipment, accessories and parts. This week brings up to 55% off a range of Bell helmets, big savings on Dainese full leather suits, 49% off Pirelli Diablo Scorpion tires and big discounts on AGV helmets.

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Every week (approximately) we search the interwebs to find the best deals on motorcycle clothing, gear, equipment, accessories and parts. This week brings 25% off the Shark Race-R Pro Redding replica helmet, 43% of the Dainse D-Dry Jacket and nearly a third off Rev’it! RSR Gloves.

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Dainese Announces Stand-Alone Air-Bag Jacket – the Misano 1000

Not long after Alpinestars went to market with their air-bag jacket system that works as a self-contained unit, Dainese has now introduced their version titled the D-air Misano 1000. Like Alpinestars Tech-Air system, the new Misano 1000 leather jacket operates without need of sensor kit fitted to the motorcycle.

The sensors, electronics and the GPS are housed in the back protector. The Dainese patented 3D airbag has an inner micro-filament structure which provides uniform inflation of 5cm over all surfaces to provide maximum protection and comfort. The  construction of the air-bag is unique and differs from all other air-bags used in the automotive industry.

The triggering algorithm utilizes six sensors hosted in the back-protector to monitor the dynamics of the rider’s body 800 times a second and determines when to deploy the system in the event of impacts, high-sides and low-slides with tumbling.

The Misano 1000 air-bag system works together with the back and chest-protectors, safeguarding the riders collar bone, chest and back as well as limiting excessive strain to the neck. The integration of the ON/OFF switch in the jacket closing flap provides an additional safety factor. An LED on the right arm shows the status of the system.

Unlike the Alpinestars system however, it seems that Dainese’s offering isn’t modular whereby the system can be swapped with other compatible jackets that the Tech-Air system can. The jacket will be available in two color schemes from November at the price of €1499. No word yet on availability outside of Europe.

Weekly Deals Round-Up

Every week we search the interwebs to find the best deals on motorcycle clothing, gear, equipment, accessories and parts. The begginig of June brings a bunch of new specials including 52% off the Icon Airmada Hi-Viz helmet, 20% off all Fieldsheer gear and big discounts on a range of tires.

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Parts & Accessories


Dainese Introduces D-air Armor, Licenses it to Other Manufacturers

While we’ve recently seen some nice new advances in motorcycle helmet technology, it seems that motorcycle airbag clothing is also making some nice strides forward. Dainese has long provided riders it sponsors with D-air equipped gear and now it’s opening that opportunity up to other manufacturers by introducing (and licensing) their D-air armor system.

This is actually a brand new product. Previously, their D-air systems were integrated into the hump on the back of track leathers. This system uses a back protector with the airbag integrated inside of it instead. The back protector houses the entire protection system— electronics, gas generator, wiring, battery and GPS.

Vircos and Furygan will be the first companies to adopt the new Dainese technology. D-air Armor will protect Michele Pirro and Mattia Pasini (Vircos), as well as Mike Di Meglio, Johan Zarco and Sam Lowes (Furygan).

“Furygan has been providing its own riders and clients with protective products of the highest possible level for 45 years,” said Jean Marc Autheman, Export and Racing Manager for Furygan. “When Dainese offered their new D-air Armor system, we took an immediate interest in the project and, after having been able to test and assess the performance of this technology, we gladly accepted the collaboration. Starting from the Catalunya GP, we will be able to offer our riders the first Furygan racing suits fitted with the D-air Armor system.”

The only other creator of airbag products in MotoGP and other racing series is Alpinestars. Dainese move will most likely force Alpinestars to open its product up as well. But this can only be a good thing. The more data both companies collect and the more widespread the use of these safety systems in professional racing becomes, the faster the technology will makes its way to the public to use.

Dainese Technologies at the 56th Venice Biennale International Art Exhibition

Dainese has been invited to exhibit its projects D-Air®, an air bag for motorcyclists, and Biosuit®, a pressurised suit for astronauts, in the Venice Pavilion at the Biennale, which, this year, hosts an exhibition entitled: Looking ahead. The evolution of the art of making. 9 stories from Veneto: Digital – not only digital.

The exhibition – explains its curator Architect Aldo Cibic – is about creative processes which, starting with an idea, have developed along paths that are often tortuous, involving experiments, risk taking, errors, illusions, planned or casual meetings and second thoughts, and led to results that are acknowledged for their intrinsic quality and originality.

Looking ahead” is intended to highlight the powerful force of the link between artistic creativity and state-of-the-art technology that can give rise to discontinuous innovation, which is not the development of what already exists but a technological leap able to create fast and significant progress.

Dainese, true to its company mission of protecting the human body in dynamic sports, began experimenting with electronic air bags back in 2000. Although tortuous, the path has brought much international acclaim (including German TÜV certification and projects with motorbike manufacturers such as DUCATI, PEUGEOT and YAMAHA), allowing us to develop top-level technology for the D-air platform in order to protect the human body.

Dainese has a real mission that is not only focused on marketing but also on all areas of company activities. Lino Dainese and his collaborators worked for 10 years before launching two revolutionary products on the market in 2011: D-Air® Racing e D-Air® Street, Air Bags that save lives on racing tracks and roads worldwide.

The Venice Biennale exhibition invites us to consider art as a trigger for new ideas. The fact that two major Dainese projects have been selected is prestigious recognition for Biosuit®, which will represent safe mobility in the future, and for D-Air® that currently provides safe mobility in an innovative way.

Not surprisingly, just recently, Dainese received another prestigious acknowledgement: the Leonardo da Vinci Award for Innovation, presented to Dainese by the President of the Italian Republic, thanks to the prime importance of the D-Air® project. The Leonardo da Vinci Award for Innovation is given to entrepreneurs whose companies have distinguished themselves for product quality innovation and a strong international, sales and production outlook.

The award, arising from a cultural background seemingly opposite to that of art, not by chance bears the name of Leonardo da Vinci, the sublime artist and extraordinary inventor, who, with his artistic works and technologies, showed how art and technology are far from being different and opposite worlds.

Such important acknowledgements, in this case in areas quite apart from the company’s business, see Dainese as the father of revolutionary technologies intended to improve the life of millions of sports enthusiasts.

Dainese: Design, technology and innovation at the service of mankind.


Dainese D-Air®, a technological platform for protecting the human body, features an “intelligent” system that detects dangerous situations and inflates special airbags around the rider’s body. Its triggering algorithm recognises various crash conditions, allowing it to come into action. Special airbags with a patented structure give Dainese D-Air® levels of protection and ergonomics never reached before, bringing record achievements that are certified by stringent TÜV SÜD approval. Over the last 10 years, D-Tec – the Dainese R&D department – has succeeded in making this platform so advanced that it can be applied to various fields: with D-Air® Racing for track use, D-Air® Street for everyday use on roads, and D-Air® Ski for application in winter sports. Further applications of the D-Air® technology are being tested and implemented for the transportation sector, as well as that of the elder and the younger generation.


For many years, Dainese has been developing a spacesuit project for the NASA Institute of Advanced Concept (NIAC) in close collaboration with the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Professor Dava Newman. Known as Biosuit®, it is a next generation spacesuit intended to replace pneumatic pressurisation of the wearer’s body with mechanical pressurisation, making astronauts’ movements less tiring, slow and heavy when on a mission. The spacesuit, made by Dainese, features a network of black and gold-coloured filaments that represent the so-called “lines of non-extension”. A force can be applied along those lines that mechanically pressurises the astronaut’s body, without restricting mobility. Therefore, the spacesuit manages to maintain constant pressure even when concave parts of the body move.

Dainese Technologies at the 56th Venice Biennale International Art Exhibition

Weekly Deals Round-Up

Every week we search the interwebs to find the best deals on motorcycle clothing, gear, equipment, accessories and parts. This weeks deals include savings on leather race suits, 73% off Roland Sands casual wear and half price on the Speed and Strength SS2000 Helmet, plus half price on Heat-Out base layers.

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Dainese Has Become The FIM Official Clothing Supplier

Dainese and FIM are delighted to announce that, following the recent signing of an agreement between the two parties, Dainese has become the FIM Official Clothing Supplier. This new and exciting relationship takes immediate effect with an initial term that will see Dainese and the FIM work together on this project through to the end of 2018.

Dainese, which was formed back in 1972, has long been part of the motorcycle community and has played an active and important role in the world of two-wheel racing right through to the highest level. Living in the same paddock, the FIM and Dainese share the same goals and objectives in terms of the continued pursuit of safety and protection both on and off the track.

Through its work in MotoGP and other FIM World Championships over a prolonged and extended period, Dainese has become an important member of the Safety Clothing Working Group in MotoGP. Dainese’s experience, gained through its support of many top-level riders, and its precise and innovative approach to the development of safety equipment and clothing has given rise to its recognised and applauded position within the motorcycle family.

Alongside its continued work and efforts in this direction, Dainese will also now provide clothing for all FIM officials over the initial four-year period.

Commenting on this prestigious partnership, Ignacio Verneda FIM CEO said: “I think it is fair to say that Dainese’s work in the sphere of motorcycle racing is highly regarded and therefore makes them one of the most respected brands within our industry. With this very much in mind it is with great pride that the FIM has been able to reach this initial long-term agreement with them. As the FIM and Dainese share the same pursuit in improving safety both in racing and on the road, I am confident that is just the beginning of a strong and close relationship that will greatly benefit both parties.”

Mr Verneda continued by saying: “Our FIM staff will be proud to wear their new Dainese clothing throughout our fifty FIM World Championships that extend to more than two hundred and twenty events each year, providing our new partner with unrivalled visibility both in front of our huge live audiences and the many millions of TV fans that follow our sport.”

Fabio Muner, Dainese and AGV Communication and Marketing Manager added: “It is with great passion that Dainese announces a new and strong partnership with the FIM. Dainese has always been committed to developing protective systems for riders, since it started more than forty-three years ago with Mr. Dainese and the company’s participation in motorcycle racing, more specifically in the FIM World Championship.”

Mr Muner went on to say: “Dainese provided the first protective products to Toni Mang and immediately afterwards Giacomo Agostini, right up to today’s high safety standards with Valentino Rossi, Pol Espargaro, Andrea Iannone, Nicky Hayden, Stefan Bradl, Jack Miller and many others. Even today MotoGP, and the other FIM World Championships are considered by Dainese as the best testing ground for developing the highest level of protection, which then reach the market and everyday motorcyclists.”

Confirming the importance of the agreement between the two parties Fabio Muner ended by stating: “Finally, traditional protection systems are important, but also for many years Dainese has been developing the electronic security systems, such as the air-bag Dainese D-air. The D-air has been on the market, in both racing and street versions, from 2011. This confirms that even today for Dainese, the track, and its heroes are not just a communication channel, but also a proving ground to confirm our technological leadership in racing and on the market. We thank the FIM for this agreement that will allow Dainese and the Federation to pursue a single common goal: to protect the riders and make our sport more and more safe.”

Dainese has become the FIM Official Clothing Supplier