Honda CRF250 Rally Concept Looks Set for Production

Remember the Honda CRF250 Rally concept that was shown earlier this year at the  Osaka Motorcycle Show? Like many we were enamored with a bike that would offer a seriously lightweight enduro styled machine for the market and there’s now an even stronger indication that Honda actually plans to put this concept into production.

Honda has taken the step of registering the design of the CRF250 Rally concept with the European Trademark and Patent office. While that’s doesn’t provide an ironclad guarantee that the bike will be produced, such filings are generally only done with a company is looking to protect its intellectual property in preparation for a release to market.

Given how much focus Honda will be putting on the new Africa Twin over the next few months, it would make perfect sense to release another bike to ride its coat tails so to speak – and especially one that would sit at the opposite end of the range for price.

Further adding to the likelihood of this bike going into production is that the designs registered have lost all the expensive bits of bling such as a Mugen exhaust, Noguchi seat and Renthal bars and in their place are stock standard items from the CRF250L – although the larger fuel tank appears to remain.

If it is heading to market our first real glimpse could come as early as next month in Milan. Fingers crossed.