Honda CRF250 Rally Concept

Honda is getting serious about the adventure and enduro space with the unveiling of a new CRF450 rally race bike inspired concept, the Honda CRF250 Rally. While basically a CRF250L in different clothing and some potentially minor mechanical differences, it looks the goods.

Differences between the actual CRF250L and this concept include the tall windscreen with headlight protection, hand guards and improved sump and exhaust protection – something endurance riders pay close attention to. The concept also includes a Gathers M GPS navigation system with integrated handlebar controls.

The CRF250L currently uses a 249cc single cylinder engine which it would appear that this concept borrows from. It’s relatively light at 145 kg and the only potential performance difference between it and this CRF250 Rally concept is that the Rally appears to have a slightly larger fuel tank.

Between this and the return of the Africa Twin, Honda appears to be making great efforts to retake some of the gains made by KTM and the like with regards to enduro sales. Given that Honda has a production bike in the form of the CRF250L that can be so easly transformed into this CRF250 rally concept, it’s quite likely that this is a bike that will see production at some point in the near future.