Yamaha Shows off Futuristic Scooter Concept

Yamaha has been investing in motorcycles probably more than any other brand recently and have shown off a number of interesting concepts in recent times, including the soon to be released MTW-9 three wheeler. Now they’re giving another two wheeled category – scooters – some love as well with the 04GEN concept at the Vietnam Motorcycle Show.

The 04GEN design is based on the RUN-WAY concept, which evokes the image of women with an air of dignified elegance and grace in both mind and body. Compared to most scooter bodywork structures – which hide the frame with exterior parts – the 04GEN only covers the frame with semi-transparent exterior parts. Showcasing the beautifully-engineered interior structure brings a lightness to its majestic body, creating a new design which synthesizes the interior and exterior to achieve a rare beauty.

Yamaha Motor, which has always ensured design is a central pillar of their product creation from its founding as a company, established Refined Dynamism as a design philosophy in 2013 and is currently putting great energy into developing products that emphasise the unique style of Yamaha. Based on this philosophy, Yamaha Motor has unveiled three design concepts to date: in 2014 the 01GEN, a crossover motorcycle with two wheels at the front and the 02GEN, an alluring electrically power-assisted wheelchair were shown and in 2015 the 03GEN was revealed, a new mobility concept with enhanced optional colours, materials, and finishing based on the TRICITY.

Yamaha 04GEN Design Concept Yamaha 04GEN Design Concept Yamaha 04GEN Design Concept Yamaha 04GEN Design Concept Yamaha 04GEN Design Concept Yamaha 04GEN Design Concept Yamaha 04GEN Design Concept Yamaha 04GEN Design Concept Yamaha 04GEN Design Concept

Motul’s Onirika 2853 Concept is a Brutalist Brutale

Motul oils and lubricants are found in many motorcycles around the world and are most definitely used inside this concept bike that is being shown at the 2016 Verona Motor Bike Expo in Italy. Dubbed the Onirika 2853, it’s an MV Agusta Brutale 800 made virtually unrecogniseable by Luca Pozzato of Officine GPDesign.

The use of the Brutale 800 is an interesting choice – it is one of the most beautiful naked motorcycles in existence, whereas this concept probably wouldn’t be described as pretty by most people. The seat is definitely brutal – it’s dimpled with rivets. The fuel filler cap is shaped like a gear and along the rear tail section and the tank are graphics of mechanical parts. The brake lines are also thicker than normal, supposedly to represent industrial hosing.

And while it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is for a good cause at least (after the primary cause of publicity for Motul, of course) as the bike will be auctioned off later in the year with all proceeds going to Motul Corazón, a non-profit foundation that helps underprivileged children.

Motul's Onirika 2853 Concept is a Brutalist Brutale Motul's Onirika 2853 Concept is a Brutalist Brutale Motul's Onirika 2853 Concept is a Brutalist Brutale


Honda Unveils SFA Concept, Again

Is Honda seriously considering bringing their SFA concept to the market, or is it just trying to fill a gap at this weekend’s Osaka Motorcycle Show? We sincerely hope it’s the former because the Honda SFA is a gorgeous looking machine that reminds us of a slighly larger though more rowdy looking Grom.

The Honda SFA concept was first unveiled last October in Indonesia and hasn’t been seen or heard of since then. In its current concept form, it features what appears to be a 150cc single cylinder engine mounted on a trellis frame, most likely from the CBR150R which is popular in South East Asia. Other features include an exhaust that’s partially hidden under the seat and a single-sided swingarm.

While those last to features probably wouldn’t make it to market, if the overall style remains we think it would be a huge success. If there’s also potential to bump the capacity up to around 250cc then Honda would surely have a hit not only in South East Asia, but in western markets as well. The Honda Grom for example has been a big hit for Honda in the US and I’m sure many doubted that would be the case.

After the Osaka Motorcycle Show, the Honda SFA concept will also make its way the Tokyo Motorcycle Show – one of the biggest events for the year. Also on display will be another new bike, the Honda CRF250 Rally concept as well as another showing of the True Adventure and the RC213V-S concept bikes.