Norton Secures its Future With Thanks to British Taxpayers

British manufacturer Norton Motorcycles, who currently manufacture and sell beautiful looking motorcycles that cost more than most cars has received £4 million courtesy of the British Government to enable it to plan for the future and increase its global presence as well as expand its range.

The iconic British brand has been awarded £4 million from the Government’s landmark Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI). The funds will allow Norton and its 11 supply chain partners, to:

  • Set up a new British Motorcycle Manufacturing Academy (BMMA) to train and supply the next generation of engineering apprentices to Norton Motorcycles and other supply chain partners;
  • Build a new 10,000 sq. feet manufacturing facility; and
  • Develop a new clean motorcycle engine technology in the UK which will power a new green motorcycle within 2 years.
  • The AMSCI funding will result in 159 direct jobs at Norton Motorcycles, which the firm expects will grow into 600 direct and indirect jobs – including 200 apprentices – over 5 years.

It seems a very British thing to do – give public money to a company that in it’s own words creates machines that are designed to be desirable motorcycles at a high price. The cheapest motorcycle Norton currently sells is the Norton Commando Sport. In the UK it sells for £14,495, in the US it’s available for $20,995 and Australia a cool $31,490. For that sort of money you could buy multiple bikes from Triumph – a perhaps more down to Earth UK company…

But what else will this investment bring? The current range of four bikes (based on a single engine) will increase to around eight machines using one of three engines. Those new engines will be a 1,200 V4 which will produce around 200 bhp, as well as a 650cc parallel twin which sounds very exciting – it’s proposed to make around 100 bhp but weigh only 120kg. If they can pull that off then it’s a machine that could well be worth the premium price tag.

Norton plans to show these new machines off by the end of 2016, with sales beggining in 2017. Start saving.

Souce: Norton, MCN

Concept of the Norton 1200 V4