Honda Looks to Get More Retro With New CB1100 Models

Other than the new Africa Twin, last year was a very quiet one for Honda. But 2016 is already looking better with one – and possibly even two new models based on the existing Honda CB1100. The current CB1100 naked is a fine bike, but rather uninspiring to look at. But there’s now a good chance we could see not only a air-cooled machine based on the ‘Concept CB’ from last year, but the return of a previous concept – the CB1100R.

The ‘Concept CB’ was shown at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show and will be making an appearance once again at the Tokyo Auto Salon this month. That would point to the bike going into production. Given that the bike is basically a CB1100 with a visual makeover, that’s not a big leap to make. In fact, given how pedestrian the existing CB1100 looks, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Concept CB replaces it completely.  Using the same frame and engine, the concept version has a modified fuel tank, side panels, headlight and various other aesthetic changes.

Honda's Concept CB looks likely to go into production.

Honda’s Concept CB looks likely to go into production.

But more exciting is the prospect of the CB1100R, or CB Racer. This bike was shown off as a concept way back in 2007 and hasn’t been seen since. New patents filed in Japan show the bike is still on the drawing board at Honda and would actually put them ahead of the pack for a change – an air-cooled retro sportsbike? It would sell extremely well and give Ducati something to worry about with their Monster range.

While the CB1100 range will meet Euro IV standards, those will only last for a few more years so if Honda does intend to make a last foray into the large capacity air-cooled sportsbike market, they’ll hopefully do it soon.