KTM 1290 Adventure Dual Sport Confirmed

It’s been known for a while know that KTM was going to bring out a dual sport based on the insane 1290 Super Duke. For those of you unfamiliar with said bike, it sports 180 hp and yet weighs only 416 lb.  It can hit the double metric ton of 200 kph (124 mph) in just 7.2 seconds. It’s also boasts the most electronic gadgets you can probably find in a bike today, including the most advanced ABS system available. How’s that sound for a bike you can take offroad?  Yes, good. Very good indeed. Other than the official picture below, KTM haven’t released any specific details on the bike yet but given KTM’s pedigree and history, this won’t be a poser bike. Spoked wheels, radiator guard and high exhaust all point to a bike that is more than capable of a some gravel or more.  It’s likely that gearing on the bike will be modified somewhat compared to the 1290 Super Duke and from the photos we can also deduce that it has a larger fuel tank. KTM 1290 Adventure KTM will release all the details at the INTERMOT bike fair in October. In similar news, the best photos yet of the BMW Sports Tourer which itself is based off the brilliant S1000RR have surfaced on the Internet. To be called the S1000XR (and not the S1000F has previously thought), it will be more go than show as it’s off road ability will be limited. It will however be perfect for long distance rides and will come with a host of luggage options as is one of BMW’s fortes. Like the 1290 Super Duke, it will feature all the bells and whistles including BMW’s new ABS cornering system. As was guessed at in renders we published last month, BMW has done away with the asymmetrical headlights for a more mainstream look. Again full details will be released at INTERMOT.


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